March 22, 2012

My Wonderland

INSPIRATION. I bet we all have our own dreams, right? For me, these are some pictures that give me a glimpse of my own wonderland. These pictures are modeled by Kate Moss at The Ritz Hotel, Paris. For Vogue (US) April 2012.

I heart those shoes so much! It's so unique and yet at the same time . . . so cute >.< I also love the detail and the soft blue color of the dress. Both of those items complement each other perfectly.

Don't you just adore the mysterious effect? >.<

The picture makes me want to jump into the bath-up right away! Such a sweet pink dress. A perfect combination with the pink bubble. Girly and cute, but with killer shoes.

The exact same pose with the picture behind her! How creative! Kate Moss is a real beauty <3

Don't you just adore her hair accessories? I'm not going to wear it in real life, even if I own it (although maybe for a photo shoot just like her). But I admit it to myself that I want it so bad. >.<

Every girls' dream! Imagine the luxury of unlimited shopping experiences everyday and have a lot of Chanel in our life. Wow . . . 

Look at the pic! How can you not love it? The concept of the beautiful maids. So classic.
Don't you love those scenes? I love how they made the picture look so glamorous. The luxury, the beauty, the fashion, the shopping experience, the maids. Those are my wonderland. What more do you want? Everything is perfect!

Tell me about your own wonderland? :D

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  1. Wow these photos are gorgeous!!

    Love the first one, the one in the bathroom, and the last two! So beautiful. Love the style and backdrop!

    I definitely love that style! I know it's not totally accurate but I love the style of Marie Antoinette by Sofia Coppola. It is similar to the photos above! Plus I am just fascinated by her :)

    Totally your new follower :)

    - Josie ::

    1. I know right? It's love at first sight for me >.< hahahahaaa

      True! the style is super gorgeous!

      Thanks for following me <3

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