March 9, 2012

A Letter To God

Like I said before, I'm actually a writer. :D Currently, I'm still writing at a website called Wattpad. This is a preview of my story that made it to the second round of Watty Award 2011. I didn't win, but at least I got the second place from the five top finalists. I hope you enjoy reading my preview and please beware, because this material is copyrighted. My work is my baby, so I hope you will appreciate my hard work and NOT COPYING IT. This had happened once and I didn't hesitate to bring the copycat down. :D

Please enjoy :

A Letter To God
By : Caroline Susanto

Dear God,

My name is Lynne. I am 9 years old. I live on Mahogany Street no. 88. If You reply my letter, please don't send it to the wrong address, God.

I write this letter because I need your help. I know that You have a lot of things to do. But, I hope you could spare your time for me, God. Sorry for bothering You.

First of all, thank you for giving me the best family ever, especially Daddy, my super-hero!
My Daddy is a good man. He is handsome, kind, patient, and not selfish unselfish. (Sorry God, I forgot Mr. Shane (my teacher) said that not selfish = unselfish). Daddy makes sure that I have everything, so it means unselfish right? 

But You see, he hides something from me. He always tries to cover up something, uhm . . . I think his sadness, by smiling. That’s a bad thing, right? I want him to be really, really happy. I think he hides his loneliness, God.

I remember when Daddy used to give me piggy-back-rides when I was little. I always felt like I was the tallest little girl in the whole world.

I remember when he helped me build a tree house and told me that was our secret place to hide from Mommy when we stole her cookies. (I'm sorry God, I know that it’s a sin to steal something, but my Mom's cookies were so delicious! I couldn't resist them! I know that you would like them if you tasted them.)

But I also remember the pain that Daddy went through when he lost my Mommy. He always calls her the love of his life. I'm sorry again, God, I don't really remember Mommy because the last time I saw her was 4 years ago, I think? I can only dream about her, after Daddy telling me about her and showing me her pictures. I still remember her delicious cookies, though! 


Please remember that it's only a little part of the story. I go straight to the main letter. I did that to avoid plagiarism. Once again, this story is only published in Wattpad and is copyrighted.

This is the link, if you want to read the full version :  

A penny for your thought? :)

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