May 3, 2012

Union Jack by Auburn and Ginger

Pictures by Fernando Prasetyo

THIS  blog post is made especially for Auburn and Ginger. Thanks for the lovely giveaway, especially when the dress is what I wanted since the first time I laid my eyes on it.

Just look at how the dress look on me. Don't you think that it's so gorgeous? I love the way the front of the dress shorter than the black. This mullet style is so IN at the moment.

This design is actually suitable for all kind of occasions. Before the photoshoot with my boyfriend, Fernando - all the pictures ware taken by him-, I actually went to the mall. The pattern is playful and it's good to wear the dress while having fun. Wow! A lot of people was looking at me in the mall, well . . . more like the dress. Haha!

Due to wearing this dress to the mall, I chose comfortable high heels sandals to dress down a little bit. If you want to wear it to formal occasion, just wear a killer high heels and voila . . . you are going to be the spotlight!

When I felt the breeze while taking these pictures, I just realized why people look at me. When I walked, the back of the dress which is longer was flowing smoothly. It gave me a graceful effect.

Here are some pictures of  the accessorizes that I worn to compliment the look. All about the silver color! I chose this color to bring out the elegant side of the dress, in order to compliment the playful side of the dress' pattern.

UNION JACK DRESS -  Auburn and Ginger
Silver Clutch Bag - bought at Singapore
Silver Cuff - bought at Pasar Atom
Silver Vintage Belt - given by Mom! Thanks Mom! >.<

 Some random pictures of the photoshoot! ^^

By the way, Auburn and Ginger.still sells the product. Just click here to grab it in different colors: UNION JACK DRESS. So, what are you waiting for? *winks*

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A penny for your thought? :)

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  1. That is a beautiful high-low dress and I love all of your accessories! Great outfit and very inspirational.

  2. hi~ would you mind re-following me? because of some reasons, i deleted White Room. So i only have one blog now..:)

    thank you~ :D

  3. beautiful :)
    nice outfit :)


  4. thanks beb, you look great too. umm. i like that bangle :)

  5. I´ve always loved the mix of white red and this dress is perfect for me!!! And it fits you beautifully.


  6. love this dress!!


  7. lovely dress kak! you look gorgeous :) want to follow each other?

    Pudding Monster

  8. absolutely a very nice dress! love it! =]

    mind to follow my blog? :)
    I already following yours :D


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