June 28, 2012

Romwe Video Contest


I'm joining Romwe video Contest for this month ^^ A bit late to enter because it almost ends, but well . . . I enjoy learning to make the video. I made this from scratch and had to try over and over again, but in the end . . . I feel satisfied. I hope that you enjoy watching it though.

And the good news it, Romwe emailed me and said that I am one of the finalists for this month (June) videos. The view is counted too, so do you mind clicking play and watch the whole video for a little while? The video is less than two minutes. ^^  Please help me by simply liking and sharing the video, if you like it or just feeling generous :D *wink*

Thank you very much, dear readers. Love you, guys . . .Thanks for your support until now.

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June 26, 2012

Blinky Diamond King Dog

 Pictures by Fernando Prasetyo

DOG! Who doesn't love them? Well, a few - really. My Mom is one of them, so it means I'd never get a dog as a pet. I used to have one, but when I was at school, Mom gave it to her brother. I cried a lot at that time, but I got over it. Maybe when I have my own house, I could get a dog as a pet. *wishful thinking* Haha!

So, I decided to pour my love for the dog through my outfits. I chose this knitted top not only because of the cute dog, but also for the sweet diamonds and blink-blink details on both of the shoulders. Isn't it cute? Since the first time I laid my eyes on this top, I screamed that I had to buy it!

I also chose the unique legging to compliment the awesome top! :D

Knitted Diamonds King Dog - Mclair Galerie
Grey Mouth On The Knee Black Legging - Olive Tree Outlet
Grey Wedges - Meser
Black Shoulder Bag - Charles & Keith
Silver Spike Bracelet - Grinitty Shop


June 23, 2012

Pastel Attack

Pictures by Fernando Prasetyo

PASTEL ATTACK.   I don't know why, but I just can't get enough of pastel. For me, it's the prettiest shade of colors nowadays. I feel girly whenever I wear these colors. The combination between is pastel pink and pastel mint would never go wrong in my eyes.

My favorite piece of this look is my shorts! I got it from Zara and the moment I laid my eyes on it, I just knew that I had to have it. Yay!

I chose the same shade of color for the bag and shoes, but to add a color on the look I decided to wear a cross black necklace. This is one of my favorite accessories! :)

My favorite Bag! >.<

The Pretty Cross Black Necklace

Pink Blouse - ROMWE
Pastel Mint Shorts - ZARA
Nude Pink Heels - Ayumi Castle
Pinky Tiffany Bag - Gowigasa
Black Cross Necklace - Grinitty Shop


June 21, 2012

Runner-up for ASOS' Competition

RUNNER-UP. This is just a quick post to share my happy news. :D I was joining a competition on ASOS Fashion Finder. Well . . . I didn't make it to the final, but I was featured on the finalist page as one of the highly recommended runner-up. This is a great achievement for me and I am very pleased that at least I got a recognition here. Haha!

Well . . . I also just want to thanks the readers of my blog to thank you for sparing the time to visit my blog and gave me a lot of sweet comments. It means a lot to me. :)

Pst . . . if you found me somewhere, would you mind give a little time to tell me about it? I'd really appreciate it. Thank you guys for the support! :D

I also have a giveaway on my blog, if you want to join :

Giveaway #2 : Backless Shift Dress From Romwe

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June 20, 2012

Giveaway #2 : Backless Shift Dress From Romwe (CLOSED)

GIVEAWAY TIME! I promised all of my readers that I will hold an international giveaway soon. And here I am! I just won a giveaway from Romwe and I want to share the joy with you.

The prize : One of the above pictured dress (Color chosen at random).

Here are the rules :

1. You must register with Romwe. You must also share about this contest and link back to it, somewhere online, (Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, etc.) and provide me with the link in a comment in this post.
2. You must follow this blog via Google Friend Connector (GFC) along the right side of the blog, follow me on : Bloglovin' , and like my facebook page for this blog : Miss Oline .
3. Along with the link you provide where you shared about this contest, please also leave you full name, GFC name, and the e-mail address you signed up at ROMWE / Bloglovin' with so if you win, you can be contacted by me. :)

EXTRA ENTRY (Please comment each of your extra entry on separate comments)
1. Fan me on LOOKBOOK.
2. Hype on of my looks there (You can do this everyday).
3. Follow me on Twitter.

Contest ends on July 4th @ 11:59 p.m.

Good luck dear! xoxo :D

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June 17, 2012

My Colorful Lazy Day


LAZY DAY. Let's face it, we always have lazy day. The day when we feel so lazy to do anything and so lazy to choose the 'perfect' outfits. Besides, not everyday we have to dress up, because it's just so unrealistic. And I choose these outfits for one of those days. :D

I wanted to play with color to brighten up my mood on this lazy day. A combination between yellow-green-pink. I didn't choose red, because I'd look like a walking traffic light. Ha-ha! What do you think of the colors combination?

By the way, I really love the scallop and lace details of my shorts, making it looks unique. It's also very comfortable to wear. You can buy it the shorts here : Autumn Skye.

 Yellow Stripe See-Through Top - Cotton On
Green Scallop Summer Shorts - Autumn Skye
Pink Longchamp Bag - Longchamp
Simple Black Sandals - Charles & Keith
Colorful Tree Necklace - Grinitty Shop

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June 9, 2012

Japanese Sailor School Girl


SAILOR MOON is my favorite anime when I was a little girl and it made me having a certain loving to the Japanese school girl style. I find their style adorable and stylish at the same time. It's silly of me, but I want to put that dream of mine (to become one of the Sailor Moon ha-ha!) in these outfits.

They always consist of a simple top with pretty bow and flirty sailor skirt. Simple and yet look stunning for me. It's very different from Indonesia's school style, we wear ordinary simple a-line skirt and white shirt.I simply adore how brave Japanese girl to alter their uniform. :)

Pretty Bow Pink Top - Autumn Skye
Black Sailor Skirt - Autumn Skye
Black and Red Stripey Socks - Sox Gallery
Chris Black - Decimal Shoes
Pinky Tiffany Bag - Gowigasa
Three Pearl Bracelet (left hand) - Gowigasa
Ring - Emit Poise
Simple Pearl Bracelet (right hand) - Grandgowns.com


June 3, 2012

I Heart It // Another LOVE Discount Code

Pictures by Fernando Prasetyo

LOVE. Well, I'm a romantic girl at heart and in this post I want to put that feeling into my outfits. It's just a simple mix between the color of heart - Red and the love tights. This is a simple outfits, but for me - it shout out loud what I want to say.

I bought his wonderful and simple dress from LOVE - my all-time favorite online shop. When I bought this, there's a pen mark on the dress and I was a bit disappointed. I contacted their customer service and -WOW- they really have a great service. It was okay for me to refund this dress, but it was too complicated for me to send them back. They gave me a compensation, and since then, LOVE has become my number one online shop.

I will write the discount code from LOVE at the end of this post! >.<

I bought the beautiful tights from an Indonesian online shop - Gowigasa. Aren't they adorable?

 LOVE Wine Silk Long Sleeve Wrap - LOVE

(Psttt . . . There's a great offer for this dress. It's usually cost around £32.00, now there's a promotion in which you can buy two dresses for £40.00 only! They also offer limited-time Free Standard Online Shipping.)

Love Tights - GOWIGASA

Ankle Boots - Sophire/BabaLa

Silver Metal Belt - Unknown Brand