July 31, 2012

Lost in Eden

Pictures by Fernando Prasetyo

SORRY. That one word couldn't describe how I really felt. It's been such a long time since the last time I uploaded. I was sick and my face was a bit bloated. I really hate sinusitis, it made me can't breath, can't sleep, and really disturbing my life.

This picture was taken before that, while I was attending a fashion show by my favorite designer, Ivan Julius. This is actually the first fashion show that was held by him (usually he did collaborations with other designers). The theme for this fashion show is Lost in Eden. 

By the way, he is also the one who will design my engagement gown at 16th September later this year.

The design for my dress is a combination between two of his gown in this fashion show. Could you guess which ones? :D Here are some of my favorite pieces from his collections. Enjoy ~

Isn't the dresses so gorgeous? WHich one do you like the most? :D He also released his first two design of wedding gowns. Both of them have different style, but very elegant and unique. I love the so much, especially the first one!

And this is the man behind the gorgeous design, Ivan! Congratulations, dear Ivan! :)

Please visit his Facebook page for more information about him.

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July 15, 2012

FAB - Fashion Against Bullying. I dare you to join us!

Pictures by Fernando Prasetyo

FAB. Have you ever heard about FAB? FAB is Fashion Against Bullying, an online campaign which strives to spread awareness and take a stand against fashion bullying.

"People bullies others to hide his/her own insecurities. If you let them affect you, you're letting them win! Just be yourself and express it through the way you dress and live! Show them that you are strong, brave, and most importantly a WINNER!" - Quotes by me

Being judged for your look because you don’t dress like everyone else is no joking matter. Remember when you were still in high school? Maybe you might have been a victim of such bullying yourself! "Wierdo", "ugly", "short", "nerd", "fat", “fag” are words that bullies often use to hurt.
It’s time to make a difference now. Take a stand & be an inspiraton to those who are still suffering in fear silently. Give them courage to be strong. Let your photo contribution & words of encouragement be the light of hope for them, because hope is good. Hope is always good.
How to contribute?
Step 1: Grab any old white T-shirt
Step 2: Put FAB logo on it. Draw or download it
Step 3: Tell us your bully word(s)
Step 4: Upload your look to FAB (www.supportfab.com)

For the look, I actually wore a white sweater , after that I added fab logo and the bully word through photoshop. Here is the before and after example :D

White Sweater - Gowigasa
Purple Ripped Shorts - Autumn Skye
Point Metallic Toes Black Flat Shoes - Romwe


July 10, 2012

The Winner Announcement

Hello, there! Sorry for the late announcement. I'd been busy for the last few days, but finally the result is here! I randomly chose the winner through random.org. Here we go!

 And so the winner is :

 Congratz to Gizem Tokay! I'll contact you through email right away <3

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July 5, 2012

My July Wishlist

JULY WISHLIST. It's still the first week of July, so it won't hurt to publish my wishlist for this month.

A. Do you know about Black Milk Clothing?  If you are a fashion blogger or lookbookers, I know that you know them. Almost every famous bloggers are wearing their pieces of clothing. especially the awesome leggings. The fabric is very nice and fit to their legs perfectly. I want them so much, but the price is way out of reach for me (especially because it's only legging), but well . . . I'll try save up some money and buy it later.

B. A new partner of mine - DinoDirect, they asked me to choose a piece of clothing from them and I chose this sweet dress, even my boyfriend loves this dress. It's very cheap, only $14.99! Why don't you head out here : DinoDirect , and check it out yourself?

C. My all-time fave store, LOVE! I already bought the red one and I hope I could buy the sweet mint color soon!

D. I'm so into loose shirts lately. These shirts by Chicwish are perfect for any casual occasions, either for hanging out with friends or just having a date with my boyfriend. I really love the designs and the colors of these two shirts. Wild to show my wild side (haha!) and rabbit is actually my 'shio'. Do you know what 'shio' is?

E. This dress is very simple, but I love it since the first time Romwe uploaded the new collections. The gold lapel certainly brings out the elegant side of the dress. A bit vintage and perfect for every occasions.

F. US Flag design - another pieces by Chicwish! I don't know why but I really adore them (it doesn't mean that I don't love my own country >.<). I have a few pieces if the top, so my first wishlist for this pattern is the shorts! By the way, Happy Fourth of July, America!

So, what do you think of my wishlist? And more importantly, what's yours? Tell me yours, please >.<

Attention :
The giveaway of Romwe dress is officially closed now. I'll announce the winner as soon as possible. Thank you for everyone who's participating.

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