July 15, 2012

FAB - Fashion Against Bullying. I dare you to join us!

Pictures by Fernando Prasetyo

FAB. Have you ever heard about FAB? FAB is Fashion Against Bullying, an online campaign which strives to spread awareness and take a stand against fashion bullying.

"People bullies others to hide his/her own insecurities. If you let them affect you, you're letting them win! Just be yourself and express it through the way you dress and live! Show them that you are strong, brave, and most importantly a WINNER!" - Quotes by me

Being judged for your look because you don’t dress like everyone else is no joking matter. Remember when you were still in high school? Maybe you might have been a victim of such bullying yourself! "Wierdo", "ugly", "short", "nerd", "fat", “fag” are words that bullies often use to hurt.
It’s time to make a difference now. Take a stand & be an inspiraton to those who are still suffering in fear silently. Give them courage to be strong. Let your photo contribution & words of encouragement be the light of hope for them, because hope is good. Hope is always good.
How to contribute?
Step 1: Grab any old white T-shirt
Step 2: Put FAB logo on it. Draw or download it
Step 3: Tell us your bully word(s)
Step 4: Upload your look to FAB (www.supportfab.com)

For the look, I actually wore a white sweater , after that I added fab logo and the bully word through photoshop. Here is the before and after example :D

White Sweater - Gowigasa
Purple Ripped Shorts - Autumn Skye
Point Metallic Toes Black Flat Shoes - Romwe

 Behind The Scene :D 

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  1. great post + top i love it, great shoes.
    i am following.
    hope you find time to check my blog, thank you.

  2. hmm, i think that i have the same sweater as yours! i also bought it from gowigasa hahaha. LOL


    1. hahaha what color did you buy? I love their stuff! LOL

  3. great and inspirational post dear :)
    i love the sweater it gives a comfy relax look.

    followed your blog :), mind following back? it'd mean so much

  4. I like the Idea, I will definitly join in the campaign!


  5. This is so great! I love the campaign and I think it's a wonderful idea. Your shoes are adorable and you are so pretty! <3


  6. hi dear.. im a new follower.. (hope you could follow back hehe) i love your outfit here.. lalo na yung shorts!!! =)

    hugs.. rhania

  7. Awesome <3
    You've got yourself a new follower

    Lots of love, Pauline

  8. very great heels, ce caroline! <3 and also the pantss


  9. I love your style warm and inspiring, so i´ll be in contact!

  10. waaaa me want that shoes!!

    Wulan Wu on http://bootsydoopsy.blogspot.com/

  11. Such a great post and such awesome shoes too!!


  12. those shoes are dreamy!

    enter the giveaway of a Rouge et Noir tunic http://www.cschronicles.com

  13. I totally agree with you! Well, I often hear other people mock us like 'fat' or 'freak' maybe that just for joke, but sometimes it hurts us. Isn't it?
    Anyway, I love your shoes :))


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