August 18, 2012

The Sweet Proposal

Hunny & I - Pictures by Fernando Prasetyo

PROPOSAL. Just like I promised at the last post, here is the part where he proposed to me. At first, I only thought that at 26th July 2012, we would only celebrate our third anniversary. We usually exchanged gift and wow . . . this time I found it hard to find something special for him. I already gave him scrap books, handmade frame in which I put both of our pictures inside, etc.) 

So, I went to the mall to find some inspirations. I found nothing until I accidentally went inside a shop which contained 3D ScraPic with frame. I quickly wrote down the contact number and I bought one from MuxxHandcrafting. The owner was so kind and really paid attention to what we wanted. 

At first, I wanted the ordinary vintage theme, but the at one time, Fernando reminded me that he loved zombie. Haha! Actually, he peeked on my blackberry and found out my gift before the time. T.T Well, at least he loved it! Here is my gift for him along with my own words <3

What do you think? I loved how the caricature was so resembling us. What do you think? :D

Okay! Back to the topic :D He asked me to celebrate our anniversary by  a sweet dinner and of course I agreed (I wasn't going to refuse foods LOL). We'd never been to the restaurant before, so when we looked at the place we go 'awww' and 'wow' in awe. 

We took some pictures, when we ate. Lucky me for having a boyfriend -ahem- fiancé who actually loves photography :D


August 11, 2012

Sneak Peek : de SOEMATRA

Pictures by Fernando Prasetyo

PROPOSAL. Well, if you read my previous post, you'd know that I'm preparing myself for my engagement party this September. Usually, in Indonesia, we rarely get proposal. We are talking about marriage, asking a Suhu when is the good time for engagement, and bam! We're quickly preparing for it. Oh, and of course, his parents were asking for my parents' agreement first.

So, I never thought that I actually got one! I never know that my boyfriend a.k.a photographer is so romantic! Love you, dear. The complete post will be written on the next post. If I combine the two post, it will be too long.

In this post, I want to review the place where he proposed. He even chose a romantic place in Jln. Sumatra, Surabaya, called de SOEMATRA. This restaurant have a romantic concept and each room has different concept. The theme is mainly vintage. Here is the room that we booked :

Don't you just love the vintage vibe? It's very comfortable in there and I can't get enough with the romantic feeling. :D We went directly into the room, so we didn't really pay attention to the other room's details, but we are going to get back to that later. We took some shoots there ^^

And if we are talking about the food, hmm . . . all of them were so yummy. We ate until we felt our stomach were going to explode! LOL Both of us are food lovers, actually. Haha! Here are some pictures of the food and the table's romantic decoration!

Hohoooo . . . what do you think of the food? It looks so delicious, right? Their food menu changes everyday, so it won't make you bored, if you want to go there again, again, and again. But truthfully, they are so yummy, esp. the pumpkin soup! Hmm . . . just like I promised, here are some shoots of the restaurant's interior.

What do you think of the place? :D Lovely, isn't it? By the way, if you want to go there, you have to reserve first. they only received max. four reservation every night. So, what are you waiting for? :D

For more details, please visit their website :

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August 6, 2012

Little Red Riding Hood

Pictures by Fernando Prasetyo

A WISH COME TRUE. Before this post, I already made a July Wishlist. For my readers, you might remember this beautiful red dress. Thanks to my sponsor, DinoDirect for giving me this sweet red dress. It made me feel like Little Red Riding Hood, without the big bad wolf - of course! >.<

Besides the cheap prices (I swear it's really cheap! This dress was sold only $29.99!), the customer service was very good. They are really serious with me as their partners, even try to please me just like their customer. So, I really recommended DinoDirect to you. Don't worry, I carefully choose my own partners.

 QiTa Sleeveless Bowknots Chiffon Women Dress - DinoDirect
Sweet Black Tutu Skirt - Coco Dear
House of Harlow Necklace & Big Bow Belt - Autumn Skye
Black Sling Bag - Charles & Keith
Black Socks - Sox Gallery
Red Shoes - The Little Things She Needs