August 18, 2012

The Sweet Proposal

Hunny & I - Pictures by Fernando Prasetyo

PROPOSAL. Just like I promised at the last post, here is the part where he proposed to me. At first, I only thought that at 26th July 2012, we would only celebrate our third anniversary. We usually exchanged gift and wow . . . this time I found it hard to find something special for him. I already gave him scrap books, handmade frame in which I put both of our pictures inside, etc.) 

So, I went to the mall to find some inspirations. I found nothing until I accidentally went inside a shop which contained 3D ScraPic with frame. I quickly wrote down the contact number and I bought one from MuxxHandcrafting. The owner was so kind and really paid attention to what we wanted. 

At first, I wanted the ordinary vintage theme, but the at one time, Fernando reminded me that he loved zombie. Haha! Actually, he peeked on my blackberry and found out my gift before the time. T.T Well, at least he loved it! Here is my gift for him along with my own words <3

What do you think? I loved how the caricature was so resembling us. What do you think? :D

Okay! Back to the topic :D He asked me to celebrate our anniversary by  a sweet dinner and of course I agreed (I wasn't going to refuse foods LOL). We'd never been to the restaurant before, so when we looked at the place we go 'awww' and 'wow' in awe. 

We took some pictures, when we ate. Lucky me for having a boyfriend -ahem- fiancé who actually loves photography :D

We ate, talked, and really enjoyed our night. I felt so special, because this fine dining was actually a bit expensive and had to reserve beforehand. He planned this for me and it was so amazing of how thoughtful he was. Before he proposed, we took a lot of pictures around the restaurant. Really . . . if you live in Surabaya, you have to visit this place :)

After we took some pictures, we went back to the room that we reserved. We sat together on red sofa, enjoying our silent moment. Suddenly he asked me, "Are you serious about us? Are you really sure to spend the rest of your life with me?" (We already knew that we are going to engage, so those weren't a weird question.).

I looked at him weirdly and thinking to myself, 'Where is this conversation will lead us to?'. I still answered him though, "Of course. If not, why would I agree to our engagement?"

"Well . . . I have something for you." he said. I would never guess what he did next. "You always said that you want me to kneel . . ." Then, he really knelt down, while pulling out a ring for me. Oh my God! That was the sweetest moment ever! I almost cried >.< He is just so sweet . . . Here is the ring. Aw . . . . >.< Diamond is really a girl's best friend, right? :)

I remember a few days before he said that, "I just realized that right now our friends adapted the western style - they gave their fiancé a ring before the engagement party." (We as the girl usually got a gold necklace from the boys' mother at the engagement party as a symbol that we are already engaged).

"Really?" I asked him, feeling a bit shocked (I'm not a girl who pays attention to little details like that). I'm such a romantic at heart, and of course with my love for reading, I'm hoping for the fairytale happy ending and also the sweet romantic proposal. Even though I'm not really expecting it to happen in real life. :D

At that time, I even teased him. "Look! Our friends are so romantic." *sighing* "Unlike you," I added. But, what did I know? He's actually such a sweetheart LOL

Dear Fernando,

If you read this post, I just want to say one thing. I LOVE YOU.

p.s. I hope that our love will stay forever in our hearts and never change. Together forever, despots of our differences or maybe the up and down in life. <3


The hobby I have that he hates the most haha! Blackberry time! >.< He even made me promise not to hold my blackberry -at all- that day. LOL

What do you think of him? He's such a sweetheart, right? ^^

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  2. great post and phots honey, i really love your dress


  3. first two words gonna be "so sweet" you're so lovely ce for making such a wonderful present <3
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  4. He knelt? That's like the sweetest thing ever! ;)
    And I like your ring ce, your bf has a good taste haha
    I thought that your fb cover pic was taken in Hare n Hatter, the atmosphere was kinda similar :p

    (btw thanks for the gift idea! It's unique and personal :D)

  5. aww aww congrats kak Caroline! :) all the best for you two!

    pretty dress and ring btw kak!

    Pudding Monster

  6. Olinawatiiii.. Hihihi..

    It feels like yesterday when we were in TP and you told me about your new boyfriend - how you met again after so long, then finally got together - and now you're engaged to him!! *Did you remember that, btw?? I guess not :p* Ahh, the day had come, finally.. Happy for you, Dear :') Don't forget to hang out when I go back home, okayy!! Smooches :*

  7. you are the lucky one! congratulations!
    sooo sweet! :D

    Wulan Wu on

  8. HAHAHA... I read this too... NICE... congratulation!

  9. This is so sweet, congratulations :) and a cute blog! :)


  10. Oh my god congratulations! Your boyf is sooo sweet <3

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  12. congratss!!! so cute love. you look great! i have a new post up about an editorial i styled, i'd love to know what you think!

    your new follower, eimear x

  13. Great Post. I follow your Blog now.
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  14. Okay, so...AWWW! That is so sweet! I am happy for both you and Fernando, and I wish you two a lifetime of happiness.

    Also, I love your outfit! You look amazing! Great photos, too!

    I really love if we followed each other.

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  15. Oh thats cute. Wish you all the best.
    Love your heart ring by the way :)

  16. ohh congrats ! ;) Wish you all the best :)

  17. looove your dress!
    Thanks for visiting my blog

  18. This is so sweet. It almost made me tear up!

  19. CONGRATULATIONS!! I'm such a sucker for stories like these =) And I love love that gold collar necklace with the pearls!

  20. Oh wow, CONGRATULATIONS! To be honest, reading your post almost made me tear up, haha. That is about the cutest and sweetest proposal ever! Also, I really love your dress--so colorful and feminine! And your phone case is too cute. :) Thank you so much for sharing this wonderful story with us!

    With love from San Francisco, California,

  21. HURRAY for updating your status towards fiance! Your dress is look like a beautiful couple and he should be happy to make millions of photos of you

    *MlleWanderlust *

  22. Oh wow, congrats on your engagement, Caroline! ;-)

  23. cute dress kak! btw , where you got the dress ? i love it so much! xo

  24. Hi dear!
    Love so much you're blog, is amazing!
    Follow u, my name in GFC is: sexy_paige_cucu.

    Hope u follow back :) :)

    A lot of kisses.

  25. Oh how cute!!! Congrats on being engaed to such a wonderful guy. I also love your scarf print dress. It reminds of Hermes scarves.

  26. Congratulations on your engagement and your beautiful ring!

  27. Such a cute story. Beautiful ring! Have fun planning your wedding!

  28. Congrats! Love your ring!! hahah you're so cute taking a pic of it on you iphone, that's exactly what I would be doing too! lol I love your dress and accessories!

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