October 23, 2012

I Adore Heart

 Pictures by Fernando Prasetyo

HEART. As you know, I'm a girl who loves romance and romanticism. That's why I always adoring the heart shape. I find it fascinating and then I start to realize that I have a lot of fashion items with that shape. One of them is this sunglasses. Isn't it adorable? I couldn't resist to buy it.
I chose to combine the red sunglasses with a snake-pattern dress from LOVE and I was ready to go to a dinner date with my fiance. Basically, combining red and brown color altogether. I decided to rock the look a little bit by wearing boots.
You know, I love to shop at LOVE , but truthfully the price is way out of budget for me ( I mean because of the currency towards Indonesian Rupiah). However, I can't stop shopping there, so here is a tip from me. "I buy the things I love, when LOVE gives a discount code, free shipping, or SALE!"

So, here is a 20% discount code for my readers who want to buy one of LOVE's awesome dresses :

LOVE Dress | Gowigasa Brown Belt | Heart Sunglasses | Phobia Corner Corp Indian Boots 
Autumn Skye Bracelet


October 13, 2012

Sweet Ring For A Treat

JEWELRY & ACCESSORIES MANIA. That’s me! My weakest in life is online shopping and I’m not going to be embarrassed to admit that. I love to hop from one online-shop and then to the others. This is just because of the simplicity of shopping by only clicking.

I have a lot of accessories, but sadly I have no place to display all that, so I just put them in a box. When I moved into my new house next year, hopefully I could find some spaces for them! ☺

Beside that, I also love to give recommendations or ideas for my readers. Just like in my previous post, about a personalized gift for boyfriend/fiancé/husband. This time, I want to share a place where you can buy a ring similar like mine. And yes! My engagement ring. In that place, you can also buy a gift for your beloved ones.

Actually, I accidentally clicked this website My Jewelry Box.Com. At first, I’m looking for a watch for my fiancĂ©, since he is addicted in collecting them. I found some nice style there. Here are some of them.

Can you please tell me which one is nicer? I’m thinking of buying one for him. (Okay, okay. I admit that I post this because I also need you help in choosing the best style for him. Please :D )

I prefer no. 1 and no.3, but I'm so confused. Help!!! :D

The funny thing is : when I’m browsing on the ring category, I can find a ring that similar to mine! You can see from the pictures down here. The upper one is mine, and the other two are the ring from My Jewelry Box.Com.

Picture by : Fernando Prasetyo

Well, this ring is not only for proposal, but you can buy them as a treat for yourself! Actually, this was what I did, when I got my first salary. I bought a ring from the gold factory where I used to work. There is just a simple happiness there, hence the title. Sweet Ring For A Treat. >.<

Just try it for yourself and that simply treat could lift up your spirit. Oh, and don’t forget to tell me which watch is nicer. For those who help me choosing, thank you so much!

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October 3, 2012

Horse Under The Galaxy

Pictures by Fernando Prasetyo

GALAXY. A trend that I love so much. I bought too many galaxy items, such as this shirt, dress, leggings, shoes, and jacket. Maybe later, I'll take all of my galaxy items and put on this blog, before styling them (Hope that I could have the chance to do that). 

By the way, I'm not blindly following the trend, but I always love watching the night starry sky in planetarium. I saw it once and I was really hooked! When this trend is booming, it's just like a dream come true. Galaxy has becoming such a pretty pattern. Don't you agree?

After putting a lot of thought, I decided to match it with my favorite legging from Romwe, "Horse in The Desert". Okay, okay, I admitted that I forgot the name, but when I searched it on their website  again, the item was gone. I think they sold out! I'm not surprised by that, considering the nice design and the comfortable material.

This is my inspiration regarding the legging :

Awesome picture, don't you think? There's just something majestic about horses. I love riding them, when I was a little girl. Sadly, not anymore. I really miss the carefree feeling, when we ran.

Galaxy See-Through Shirt - Autumn Skye
Horse in The Desert - Romwe
AllSnack Bracelet - AdorableProjects Indonesia
H&M Mammoth Necklace - Blue Ribbon
Black Suede Wedges - Autumn Skye


October 2, 2012

Giveaway #3 : Zara Pastel Orange Blazer's Winner

Hi! Yesterday, the giveaway was officially closed and truthfully it took me a long time to count the whole entries and checking them one by one. Before announcing the winner, I'd like to say thank you for everyone who joined this giveaway and took the time to check out my blog. It means a lot to me and I really appreciate it. :)

I have found the winner through random.org and here is the lucky girl :


Dear Levina, I will send an email to you about this and quickly send the package to you. Congratulations, Levina!

By the way, to the others who didn't win, I have good news. I still have two Zara Blazers for the next giveaway. I won't tell you the colors for now (different color from this giveaway), so stay tuned on my blog. Who knows that you might be the next winners? :D

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