November 6, 2012

Five Tips : For A New Blogger

FIVE TIPS. After thinking for such a long time and also learning blogging by doing, I decided to write a few tips to share – related to blogging. I started this blog this year and I know that I’m still new. However, I’m an avid reader -  who love to find new information, so I hope what I got will help you in the long run too.

Please take a note, this post is based on my personal views, so I’m not asking or forcing you to agree with me. This is just a matter of perspective.

So, let’s start with the basic things first.

1. Why do you start blogging in the first place?
There are a lot of reasons for us to start blogging (which can change a long the way). For me, I started blogging, because I was inspired by my favorite bloggers. I love fashion, so I chose that same reason as a start. Here's the simple summary that I made:

2. Dare to be different (Don't be a copycat!)
Be original! Make a topic that interests you and your target readers. Write something that you will read it yourself. 

I know that sometimes we love to read our favorite bloggers' blog (and this is very recommended things to do, since it can give us information - esp. if you choose the same topics as them). But, it doesn't mean we are allowed to copy the whole posts! ( I found someone doing this on their blog and it's a big no-no. It made me laugh and never look at the copycat's blog - again! What's the point? )

3. Quality vs. Quantity Posts
Which one are you? The one who loves to post frequently or rarely?

For me, I prefer to write a quality post, but less frequently. If you post frequently and can keep up with the awesome and good quality posts, then congratulations! You are a really good blogger. Sadly, I'm not one of those, because I also have a life beside this blog. ( I'm trying though! :) )

However, if you can't do that, so just don't. If you post uninteresting things and not pay attention to the quality (maybe just to fill up your blog or to post in time) - a few times (esp. in a row!), it can make you lose your readers. You don't want that to happen, right?

On the contrary, not posting anything too long also can make you lose your readers. So, you have to cleverly adjust your time and onyour own pace. No one can decide it, but you.

4. Few loyal readers or a lot of fake followers?
I'm personally choosing the first one. Few loyal readers tend to leave quality comments ad show us that they actually really read our posts! However, fake followers will just give you repeated fake compliments (sometime even copy-paste their comments from the previous blogs they read), and sometimes, they don't even read the whole posts! Instead, they just look at your pictures or skim through the whole posts, then they make up their own summary.

Their main goal? Easy! To gain new followers or wait for us to at least read and leave a comment back to their website. Will you take the time to reach back to them? Well, I don't. 

I basically started like this. In my mind, the important things are to gain a lot of followers. However, even if you get them to follow you back, they don't really visit your blog again.Yes, you might get a lot of followers after that, but really, how many of them will revisit your blog again?

Besides, I'm also tired with the liar who said will follow back, but they actually didn't. What's the use in forcing them? Nothing.

So, instead of that, now I'm trying to focus on making quality posts and replying the visitors or fellow friends who give me a little of their time to read my posts and comment on it personally.

What about you?

5.Blog Layout
This is an important thing to notice ( I just realize this point too!).

What's the first thing you see or notice from a blog? The posts? No! It's the blog layout. We are unconsciously judging it. If I visit a blog that doesn't care enough to pay attention to their blog layout, I just pass them by and don't bother to browse around. 

It's fun to visit a blog that has a great design that keeps me want to click their widgets one by one. I don't claim to be an expert, because I'm blind about the html things. Haha! But, I'm learning and trying to pay attention to the little details on my blog.

For you who keep following my blog, I know that you will see the difference. It took me more than one week to change the whole layout, therefore the lack of posting. All I keep seeing is html, css, and so on. :D

Examples of the blog layout are uncluttered sidebar, having the same width for your pictures (in your posts or your sidebar widgets).

This is just a little bit of explanations about blog layout. If you want more about it, just leave a comment down here and I'll make a special post about the blog layout. Just drop by the questions.

Are these five tips helpful for you?
I hope that this post can bring you something to think about or even help you in the long run. Any comments will be greatly appreciated.

Thank you.

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  1. Wah, haven't heard from you for long time..btw, love your new layout. Look nice and cute! maybe because you use lots of my fav color, but really, it's better than before..:)

    Thanks for the tips, i think it's useful for veteran blogger too..:) hehe..sometimes blogger do what you said above (including me sometimes -u-) i do follow back if people asked me too..but i think it's okay, we can get inspiration from them and we can keep contact with them eventhough sometimes they only want follower like you said! :D hehe..

    as for layout, i think i can't get enough for better layout and keep updating them every 3-4 months..>.<


    1. Yes. I'd been busy hahahaaa Thank you, glad that you like the new layout. Pst.. they are my favorite colors too! :D

      That's true. I do follow back and love reading if they have a great post to share lol


  2. Great post! These tips are very helpful. I've only been blogging for about 2 months so I'm a newbie.

    xo Jenny

    1. Thank you and I'm glad if the post can help you in some ways :D

  3. these are such good tips, thanks so much!!

  4. These tips are so good! I also think about the followers tip because I'd much rather 70 followers and they all (not all but mostly all) comment instead of having 500 where only 20 comment. And the layout is very important for me too! :)

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    follow? :) xoxo

  8. Hi sweety, this was an excellent post, not only for new bloggers but for all of us. I agree on every point.

  9. great tips! what i love about blogging is it is different for everyone and you have total control to do your own thing and decide what you want out of it!


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  15. Thank you so much for posting this! Seriously I just started my blog last week and your 5 tips are super helpful! Quality over quantity is always best and the same with a few loyal followers over hundreds of fake ones! I want readers who actually like my blog and love the content rather than those who just comment back for the sake of commenting just cuz it's a numbers game. ><

    The Krystel Book

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  17. I love your tips and I agree with all of them! I'm all about simple blog layouts too, you did a great job on yours! :)

    xo, Yi-chia
    Always Maylee

  18. These are wonderful tips! I definitely would've liked to have known about all of these when I first started blogging.

    Alexandra xo

  19. Excellent. Very impressive tips dear!
    Do have a look at my blog too dear! :)

  20. I truly agree with the quality vs. quantity. It's hard for me to follow blogs that have a lot but not organized. love your blog and glad you put out theses tips very helpful!


  21. Very useful tips, especially for a newbie for me ^^ thnx a lot!

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  23. nice tips.. I'm also a newbie in fashion blogging so I also share my experience in creating my blog through my blogging tips there..


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  25. Thank you for your tips. That's helping me at all, I'm a new-comer blogger, and I wanna be a good blogger. And this posting really-really make me know more about blogging :) thanks a lot :)

  26. Thank you for your tips. That's helping me at all, I'm a new-comer blogger, and I wanna be a good blogger. And this posting really-really make me know more about blogging :) thanks a lot :)


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