December 19, 2012

Birthday Blast

Pictures by Fernando Prasetyo 

NOTHING is more special than celebrating birthday with our beloved one. Actually my birthday was back at 8th December. I spent that nigh to eat with my family and Fernando. Fernando's parents were supposed to join us, but they went out of town and couldn't come. So, we arranged another day to eat Thai food with them. I didn't take any pictures in those two times lol

These pictures were taken at 14th December, when I celebrated my birthday with my best friends. I just wanted to enjoy the time, so no outfit pictures were taken. Just plainly eating dinner and having fun.

Thank you for Fernando (you are the best!) and all of my best friends who took the time to spend one of my special moment with me. I wish ELSApi (in Japan), Mel (in LA), Velda+Raymond (in Malang), and Indra Mblendux (in God's know where) could come, but it's still one of the best moments in my life.

With Hennie and Audi :)

With Elsha (Kchanx) and Bobby

With Yulianne (Lombok) and Sylvia (Pipit)

With Pipit and Lina

With Elvin (Made) and Velda

With Wira (Poker Face) and Devina

With my Love, Fernando <3

Finally paying time . . . LOL That was why I was busy opening my wallet >.<

I hope all wishes will come true and also happy birthday to all of my readers who celebrate their birthday this December. Despite all of the joys in this month, I want to send my condolences to the victims of Sandy Hook Elementary shooting and their families. My heart and prayers goes to them, since they lost their beloved ones to sudden and horrific violence. May God give the family strength to pass through this difficult time.

I know there's nothing I say could lessen their pain, but I just want them to know that someone really cares.  Please take this chance to hug your beloved ones and enjoy the special moments you share with them. That's what I will do.

Hugs to all my beloved readers too :)

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December 13, 2012

Angel Heart

Pictures by Fernando Prasetyo

ANGEL. Because of the rainy season in Surabaya, it's hard for me to find the right time for taking outdoor pictures. Despite of that, Fernando and I decided to be creative and tried to find a beautiful place to take a picture. It was actually not that hard, because we took a picture inside his house!

Luckily, he has unused Angel Fountain, which I think suitable with the theme of my outfits and Christmas!

I'm not a really girlie girl. Although I'd bought a head wreath before, I never wore one - until now. My lovely sponsor, Dhievine gave me this head wreath along with the super cute floral asymmetrical skirt. I decided to try wearing the head wreath and voila! I never thought that I can wear it and look good. Even my fiancé agree with me. >.<

Visit Dhievine Facebook : here. Don't you just love their goodies?

Autumn Skye Heart Ripped Jumper | Dhievine Hair Crown & Skirt | Decimal Shoes Chris Black


December 6, 2012

John Hardy Holiday Special

HOLIDAY SPECIAL OFFER. I know that thinking for a special Christmas gift for our beloved one is really hard. I just stumbled upon this accessories online store which has a really wonderful vision; that is why they have a special place in my heart. They want to be recognized as a green company.
Their vision really makes me want to support them, since it helps to save the earth. They really have wonderful range of goodies. What caught my eyes the most is their beautiful range of cross necklace :

John Hardy Kali Black Sapphire Cross NecklaceDot Collection Cross PendantJohn Hardy Cross NecklaceJohn Hardy Bamboo Diamond Cross NecklaceDot Collection Cross Pendant On Leather CordJohn Hardy Pure Lavafire Dog Tag

For the unique one, I love their dragon collection :

Naga Collection Dragon Kick CuffNaga Collection Slim Kick CuffNaga Collection Dragon Coil RingNaga Collection Dragon Drop EarringsNaga Collection Coil RingNaga Collection Dragon Hoop Earrings

Besides, they have a special place for Bali in their heart too! I rarely find an international company, which really appreciate my country - Indonesia. Based on their story, John Hardy's first partners are the ancestors of the goldsmiths to the royal courts of Bali. Wow! You can't imagine how proud I am when I read this.

They create the rarest collection of haute joaillerie, Cinta (meaning "Love" in Indonesia). Click here for the full romantic story of this collection. These pretty pieces are by special request only. Here are the lovelies Cinta:

For their holiday special offers, Josh Hardy exclusively offers complimentary shipping on ALL orders for this holiday seasons. Please noted that they ship World Wide and last date to order for Christmas delivery is December 16th, 2012.

Some other lovely goodies that I adore :

Their Cuff Collections

Bedeg Collection Concave Flex CuffBedeg Collection Wide Kick CuffKali Collection Overlap CuffBamboo Collection Cluster Flex CuffKali Collection Flow Kick CuffDot Collection Wide Flexible Cuff

Their Dot Collections

Dot Collection Ball EarringsDot Collection Band RingDot Collection Ball Pendant

Mixed Collections

Kali Collection Black Cord Round Beads Bracelet With Cross CharmPalu Collection Overlap RingKali Collection Leather BraceletNaga Collection Dragon NecklaceBamboo Collection Knot RingBamboo Collection Square Link Bracelet

There are still a lot of products that I love, however I'm not going to put all of them up here. Just a few random favorite pieces that I'd love to have. Simply click on each picture, if you want to know each of them better.

How do you think of their collections, lovelies?

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December 3, 2012

Juicy Mango

Pictures by Fernando Prasetyo

Juicy Mango. Those two words really make me drooling and the same thing happened from the first time I saw this dress. Such a simple dress with lovely color, but can be worn for various occasions. My fiancé and I always adore simplicity in our look - well... okay! Mostly him. :D
Mango-colored dress is easy to mix and match and I went with the safest one. I'm mixing that color with black and gold.

By the way, you can see a peek of my fiance's father behind the gate >.< I just realize it myself, when editing this picture. Haha!

Usually, there's no bird cage in front of his house. But somehow, when we took these pictures, there was one. Don't you think it complemented my look? Sort of having a bit vintage vibe :D

LOVE Mango Pleated Cross Bust Dress | Autumn Skye Two-Tone Orange Suede Wedges & Gold Ribbon Black Belt | Grinitty Spike Necklace | Blue Ribbon Gold Bracelet |