January 13, 2013

Book Project : Until We Meet Again Love

BOOK PROJECT. Some of you might not know that I have knack for writing stories. On my previous post, I wrote that I added brand new categories about my nerdy side : Book and My Projects. I think it's time to start with my projects first.

To some of you who actually following me because of fashion, you might not interested in reading this. But I know that inside every girls or women's hearts, they have the tendencies trying to find romance or love. Well, maybe I can help you with that! Through my story - of course.

My short story background is in Valentine's Day, and you know, that day is almost coming. So, I think that this is the right time to introduce this story to you.

A little bit short pitch :

He’s gone.
That was the only thing that kept occupying my mind in this Valentine’s Day – the supposed to be happy and loving day. He was supposed to be here, sitting by my side, whispering softly to me how much he loved me – like what he used to do.
But that’s not going to happen.

Ah... after reading that, I know that you might think, "What? Is this girl crazy?", or maybe, "Sad story on Valentine's Day? Who will like that?"

Hang on for a second!

Let's face it! Not every story has a happy ending, but you can find something special, sweet, or positive in this kind of story. Mine is one of these stories. My loyal readers on Wattpad - a writers/readers community website - already proved that. They already commented and some of them even cried.

Until We Meet Again Love is also nominated as one of most popular short story in Watty Awards 2013. Sadly, I was absent from Wattpad a bit too long in order to maintain this fashion blog, so I'm not promoting the story at all. I don't even know that I was nominated until it was too late. Haha!

If you want to help me by voting, it's super easy!

1. Open this link : Watty Awards 2013
2. My story is in Genre Award Short Story - Most Popular : Until We Meet Again Love by Miss Oline. Choose that one (click the button beside the title first) and then click vote! :) 

Note : I'm not sure, if you can just vote or have to join in. If you have to join in, just login via facebook and that's fine.

I'm not intending to win, when I remember what my fellow Wattpader said, "Why should you care about the votes? Or even want to win so badly to a competition that not really paying attention to the content? I can see myself want to be as good as your character in the future. I want to be him."

In my heart, I disagree with him. I want to win this competition so badly! But his next words changed my mind.

"What matters the most is how your story affect the readers. Affect them to change their behavior and appreciate true love, also how much your story truly touching their heart. Just like I do."

Wow! I'm speechless and he's totally right! Maybe this should be my new mind set, not only as a writer, but also as a fashion blogger. I want to make this as my new year resolution. Hard? I know. The competitor side in me just want to win. But, I can learn to appreciate little things. For example, reading my readers' comments (just like you, guys!) and it really makes me smile.

Enough with the talk! >.< Here is a part of my three pages long story :

I stared at the windows, looking at the scenery. The blue sky, the wonderful cliff, the vast ocean, taking in every little detail. It stays the same as always, but yet it looks dull. Without you by my side, I couldn't see the beauty and the joy of the world - like what I used to see.

I only feel numbness.

Looking at the joyous couple that passing by, I felt envy. They held each other's hands, whispering words of love, and laughing at each other. I looked at how we used to be, when you were still here. I tried to reminisce the past and finally I could smile for a little bit.

The memories that will never fade in my heart.

Sorry! Only a sneak peek, since I'm avoiding plagiarism. One of my stories was copied two years ago  (even the dot, name, comma - in short everything!) and I don't want the same thing happen again! :)
Hopefully, you like my story preview and maybe want to read some more? Just visit : Until We Meet Again Love :)

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  1. That's cool that your write stories... :)
    Unfortunately, I don't have the tendency to find love or romance...err..so this genre isn't for me, but I'm sure many would appreciate it.

  2. Gosh, i never knew you're active as a story writer..i like that story trailer..Sure i'd vote you..

    Oh well, to be copied means your story is so good (or super good) right? just see it that way (to make you feel better), even though i will be super mad when i know someone takes what's mine and published as theirs. LOL~



  3. Sounds like a lovely story, good luck with the competition! :)


  4. Congratulation for the nomination and goodluck :D

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  5. Good luck with the competition dear :D
    btw followed you back.
    and i love the cover of your blog! so unique for me :)

    btw i have a new post on my blog, hope you'll like it :D

  6. Nice blog:) If you want go to my blog:)

  7. Love your blog! Good luck lady!

    Thanks for leaving a sweet comment on my blog!



  8. I voted for you♥
    the internet is both bad and good, while we share our work to the world, some appreciate it; some steal it ;___;
    anyway good luck for the competition :D

  9. Great work and good luck, my dear!




  10. thanks & good luck w/ the project :)
    bisous x

  11. hey girl great style! thanks for sharing the pics and sounds nice..!!
    New post abt my new LV bag is up! :D
    CHICNOVA JEWELRY GIVEAWAY - 3 lucky winners to be chosen on my blog.

  12. very interesting, it's always nice to see your other talents :)

  13. Wish you good luck. I voted for you. Hope you will win. Tell all your friends to vote for you as well :)


  14. Oh my! This is so inspiring! You've got my vote!!


  15. This is amazing! Awesome work girl :)

  16. oOo great work, congrats on the nomination it does take skill for that =p and we wish you the very best!

    love from the NANA girls xoxo

  17. Great! Bravo!

    New post featuring Swizz Beatz! Check it out


  18. fanned you on lookbook dear :D


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  20. I've read your story and it's so beautiful. Now I miss my boyfriend whose currently studying abroad and surprisingly, also named fernando ;)
    I teared up. Your story brought this pretty emotional moment to me since I always feel so sad every time I see old couple forced to be separated.
    Well done! I voted for you :)


  21. Aww, love the pics (:

  22. Hi!! thanks for your comment!
    very interesting your post ;)
    Follow you :)
    I`ve a new outfit, I hope you like it!

  23. it seems pretty interesting.

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