February 20, 2013

Lady in Blue

Pictures by Fernando Prasetyo

BLUE. My next favorite color after red is blue, that was why I chose this color for my next dress. Somehow, it's fun to name my look based on the color. Ha! I wonder what color should I choose next. >.<

Again, thanks to MsDressy for sending me this awesome electric blue dress. After the first dress Lady in Red, I really have high expectation from my now-favorite brand.

And just like before, MsDressy didn't let me down one little bit. The dress really has amazing details. I always love glamorous dress and this Lady in Blue dress is perfect!

Do you see how the beads look so expensive and how the ruffles add the glamorous touch? I certainly do.

The actual example of this dress on MsDressy website is actually red color. At first, I was a bit afraid to change the color. But I already had the red color one, so I decided to be brave enough and chose blue.

But, hey! I'm not disappointed at all! The blue color is so pretty, isn't it? I'm not biased in this case, because I'm so satisfied with every dress that MsDressy gave to me!

MsDressy Lady in Blue dress | Autumn Skye Silver Clutch & Shoes


February 14, 2013

Happy Valentine's Day

Pictures by Fernando Prasetyo

VALENTINE'S DAY. An event in which people celebrating the joy of love. Usually, it's connected with the color pink. However, instead of following the usual pinky color, I decided to wear my favorite little black dress from Love and combining it with the elegant gold color.

The gold bracelet that I wore was given by my newest sponsor, StoreV. I'm so excited to introduce this brand to you, because I really love their various amazing accessories and all of them are handmade! The owner is really one creative girl. Pst... she offers free shipping world wide! ^^

Look! How adorable is this bracelet? Well, I might be biased, but I still love it nonetheless. Haha!

Beside StoreV, I also want to introduce my other sponsor, Juerii. The owner sent me this cute gold necklace awhile back and finally... I found the perfect outfits to pair this necklace with. I really love how this gold necklace looks so simple yet adorable and elegant at the same time!

Tonight, I have a plan to have dinner with my fiancé and enjoy our last Valentine before we get married. I might post some pics about it on my next post, however I don't think we will bring the big and nice camera. We will rely on our phone's camera, so hopefully the pictures will be good enough to post here.

LOVE dress | Autumn Skye clutch | StoreV gold bracelet | Juerii gold necklace


February 12, 2013

MsDressy Giveaway Winner

GIVEAWAY WINNER. I'd like to announce the lucky winner of MsDressy giveaway!
Congratulations, Siufang! I'll contact you personally through email to receive your gift voucher!
To the others, I'll hold another giveaway soon. So please, stay tuned on my blog :)

For you who want to buy from MsDressy, don't worry! There are some special discount codes for my awesome readers :
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Additional note for the coupon codes:
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2. $50 can be used if total price is up to $300.

What are you waiting for? Please use it soon! Grab your favorite dresses and gowns from MsDressy.

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February 6, 2013

Trend Spotlight : Sheer Trend 2013

SHEER TREND 2013. Sheer is nothing new to the fashion world, but somehow the possibility to embrace this trend will never end. We can see it from the latest fashion show from famous fashion designers - such as Preen, Christopher Kane, Donna Karan, and Alice Temperley.

My favorite? Alice Temperley's classic girl with trendy twist! Besides, I love how she added the pastel theme.

Truthfully, I am one of this trend lovers. I feel the sheer look can make me feel sexy, and if I choose a great piece, I feel elegant at the same time. You know what? I used to be really brave! Wearing -uhm- nude or white color sheer fabric with colorful bra (When I was at school too. Haha!). I never really see the problem with it, because I just think : "Aw... this bra looks so cute! I have to buy and wear it!" -or- I pretty much don't really understand fashion back at that time. My motto is I see something on the top of my closet and then I'll wear it. Yeah, not having much fashion sense - I guess.

Becoming a fashion blogger is really teaching me a lot about my lack fashion of sense! I'm not saying that I'm very good now. No! But, I feel like I'm getting better. Besides, my fiancé helps me a lot in this department. Believe me or not, I think he's much more fashionable than me. Thanks God for that! Haha!

A bit shop recommendation for this sheer trend that I just found is these chiffon shirts. Garage really has cheap price and various cute patterns for them. Here are some of my favorite :

Tips for the sheer trend :

Not all catwalk  style makes it to street style,  so you don't have to fear that you have to show your underwear on daily basis just to follow the trend!

- For formal occasion, such as working at the office or going to school, please make sure wearing inner or the sheer part is lined. You can combine the plain blouse with bold print pants or skirt that is suitable for formal occasion. Or switch the other way around, chiffon blouse in bold prints and patterns will look great paired with tailored pants, tucked into black bodycon skirt and ankle boots!

- For evening wear, you can be as sheer as you like. In my country, I don't think it's really suitable to go without inner, but well... this is personal choice -and of course- depending on the occasions too.

- Play around with the pattern out there just like Garage's chiffon shirts above to add a fun twist on the classic chiffon blouse - just like what Alice Temperley did.

- Last but not least, wear this trend in the most comfortable way possible for you - either with or without lining. Risk your wardrobe and work it as you dare. Just be brave and be yourself!

So, how do you wear this trend on daily basis? Or will you ever follow this trend? Just tell me in the comment below! :)

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