March 20, 2013

Minty Spring

Pictures by Fernando Prasetyo

Minty Spring. Weird title? I know! At least, it was better than my previous title idea - Minty Fresh! Haha! Fernando said that it was like a peppermint candy or something and laughed! Yes, he laughed at me. Well, but he actually came up with better title than me.

Anyway, if you read from some of my previous posts, you might know that mint is one of my favorite colors.  It seems like one of my sponsors noticed that, Vedrana from StoreV sent me an amazing bracelet. Look at how beautiful it is!

Besides the color, I love how I could wear this bracelet in two ways. For glamor effect, just show to the world the pretty rhinestones. And for casual effect? I would rotate it and let the world see the mint twisted rope. What's not to like, right?

The bracelet was actually the main point for me to create this look. It made me remember that I hadn't worn my LOVE sweater  since I bought it and the color really matched with the bracelet. So, I decided to go mint all the way.

I really like how it turned out. What do you think? Hopefully, you like it too :D

StoreV Arm Candy Bracelet | Autumn Skye Bag & Shoes | YSL Arty Ring | LOVE sweater | Zara Shorts | Belle Pivoine Hair Crown


March 11, 2013

Gangsta's Paradise?

Pictures by Fernando Prasetyo

Gangsta's Paradise. Well, this look might not represent the real gangsta, however this was the song that inspired me. So, I made this song as this blog post title.

I know that I'd been absent for a long time. That was because of I have no internet connection. I changed my previous internet provider into a new one - started from this month, however, there seemed to be a problem. It started to work a week after that!

Life without internet nowadays is suck! I can't do a lot of things, such as blogging, downloading my favorite TV shows, opening Lookbook. Have you ever gotten the same problem? I mean no internet connection. If yes, please share with me how you feel. Do you feel lost just like me? >.<

Thank you for the sweet comment when I was away though. I always read them one by one and I will soon get back to you to return the favor <3

Autumn Skye studded belt & skull shorts | Cloth Inc jacket | Primark London UK Flag Sunglasses | Aero Maquirette Bangle

Introducing you another new sponsor, Aero Maquirette. I love this bangle so much! At first, I'm confused what should be written on this gold bangle? I decided to show my love to Fernando (haha!), I decided to write Fernando <3 Caroline. Lately, I keep wearing this bangle around :D

My next favorite thing is my new sunglasses. However, Fernando doesn't really like them. He said, "The shape is suitable for you face, but what's with the UK Flag? Don't walk around with those!" I just laughed at that, but still taking pictures with them. He just shook his head at me. Thanks for taking the pictures for me though, dear! <3

So, please tell me, do you like the bangle and sunglasses? :D

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