May 31, 2013

Ombre Galaxy

Pictures by Fernando Prasetyo

I always love the ombre trend, but it took me awhile to find the clothing that I love. Yes, I'm pretty picky! LoL. I chose this blue color, because it's one of my favorite color! Kinda reminding me of ombre cake.

Look so tasty, right? Haha! Okay... okay... back to the fashion topic :D I paired the top with my favorite galaxy skater skirt - which also one of the never-ending trend nowadays.

To tone down the bright color, I decided to pair them with white JC Lita spike and to add a bit sweetness I wore the floral head crown.

Autumn Skye ombre sweater & galaxy skirt |  Belle Pivoine floral head crown | Kimilatta Dreamcatcher necklace & bracelets | JC Lita Spike


May 27, 2013

Giveaway #6 : CHOIES

My dearest sponsor - Choies is hosting a giveaway for my lovely readers. They are giving away their amazingly popular hair extensions absolutely for free! What a great opportunity, right? They will choose not one, but... TWO winners everyday until June 5th. If you win, you can choose your own favorite style and color. The other great thing is that it will be shipped to you for free and open for all of my international readers too!

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May 22, 2013

Pre-wedding Sneak Peek at Maratua

Picture by Pictura | Make up by Jimmy Himawan

Like I said on my previous post, I was away for a pre-wedding photo shoot session in Maratua Island, East Kalimantan, Indonesia. That place is a true beauty and a rare gem in Indonesia. Despite of the long journey to go there (by plane [3.5 hour] -> then by car [2.5 hour] -> at last by boat [2 hour]), I never regret choosing this place as my destination. Thanks to Fernando, the one who patiently search for the place haha!

I'd love to thanks Sandy from Pictura and Ko Jimmy for their amazing skill to make this pre-wedding photo shoot successful. I'm so in love with the result! Thanks to Fernando and his parents for this pre-wedding to become a reality in the first place :) You guys are awesome!

Since the first time I laid my eyes on this island, I was instantly falling in love. How could you not? Let's see... the beautiful sky, the blue ocean, the clear salt water, the cute fish, the friendly people, the white sand... everything is perfect!

These pictures don't do justice to the real breath-taking view! If you need any information about this place, just shoot me a question on my Facebook page. I'll reply as soon as possible. Too bad we don't have enough time to explore the whole land. But every part of this resort can be used as photo spot. So pretty!

On the last day, we see a beautiful rainbow. Sadly, it's almost time to go home, so we didn't get to shoot our pre-wedding picture with the rainbow background. But, Fernando still manage to take a picture though...

Ugh... I can't wait to share with you the rest of the pre-wedding pictures >.< After the wedding, of course! LoL.

And quick announcement, my lovely sponsor Choies is holding an awesome T-Shirt Design Contest. Every designer will get shopping point (Great, right? ^^). If you get to the second round, you will get your own design t-shirt  (whohooo...!). For the winner, hmm... just check the detail out here : Choies Design T-Shirt Contest.

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May 4, 2013


Pictures by Fernando Prasetyo

Hola, guys! I was missing in action again. Actually, I went to take a photo shoot for my pre-wedding pictures on another island in Indonesia. The place is super beautiful and I will give you all a preview of that amazing place on my next post. I know you will fall in love with that place too!

Anyway, for this post, I want to say thanks to my newest sponsor, Choies. They are kind enough to contact me and give me an opportunity to work together. I already keep an eye on their amazing range of items and it certainly took me a few days to choose one. I chose these amazing leggings!

I chose these with my mom's help. Yes, she is cool like that. I love how these leggings make me feel sexy but not slutty. A lot of people asked me where to buy this when I wore them --> Choies! LoL
Here is the direct link to these awesomeness : Choies Meshed Crop Leggings.

Zara Stripes Shirt | Choies leggings | Autumn Skye Clutch/Bag

Oh, and this is my latest favorite clutch/bag from Autumn Skye. I always bring this baby everywhere I go <3

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