June 30, 2013


Hi guys! I'd like to tell you about a shop that becomes my latest sponsor, Efoxcity. They sell clothes online - not only for women, but also from men. So, if you want to find something for your beloved ones (read : boyfriend, fiance, father, and others), you can browse around their website! Their style is simple and modern that I'm sure you'd like.

For women, if you are looking for lovely evening gowns, they also have it! I am pretty much fall in love with the design of their gowns and it truly makes it hard for me to choose a few sneak peek of their gowns. But I manage to find some of my favorite, here they are :

Not only evening gowns, but they also sell bridesmaid dresses. You can find any design that you want, from simple to elegant, from short dresses to long dresses, and from soft pastel color to bold color. Everything can be made according to what you want! Another references for my bridesmaid dresses too.

Really, how can you not fall in love with their dresses? I certainly do! Do you see something that you like from their design? If yes, please let me know which one! I really want to hear you opinion. :D

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June 26, 2013

When It's Raining... Meow

Pictures by Fernando Prasetyo

Hola! How are you, dear readers? I'd been sick (read : flu, sore throat) for the almost two weeks, but getting better now. Lately, the weather is so unpredictable - it's supposed to be dry season, but it's still raining. Boo... :D

I took this pictures when it was raining lightly. At that time, I was still a bit sick, so yeah... the next day I caught the flu again. Call me stupid, but I really enjoyed the photo session. The results are so amazing! Of course, it's all thanks to Fernando. Without him, I wouldn't have these lovely pics.

By the way, this cat mint sweater from Choies becomes my favorite piece of clothing. It's so comfortable, cute, and mint color is one of my favorites. Haha! Yes, I have a few favorite colors, so I guess it would be hard for you to guess my wedding color theme. :D

By the way, I'd like to say thanks to my little niece, Ming-Ming. She became my assistant that day. You will see what I mean when you see both pictures down here. LoL.

LoL >.< I'm not sure why my expression was like that. Ha-ha!

Choies Mint Cat Sweater | Autumn Skye Ripped Boyfriend Jeans | Gowigasa Skull Bag | Clyns Webstore Boots

Anyway, do you like my new sweater just like me?

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June 23, 2013

Little Black Dress

Picture by Fernando Prasetyo

Guys, I know that you know there's one thing that women need in her closet. This thing can be worn in every occasion and the most important thing is... it will always make you look slimmer. I bet from the title, you already know what it is. Yes, you are right! It's the little black dress.

Litte black dress usually is an evening or cocktail dress, cut simply and often quite short. We usually refer it as 'LBD'.

Fashionistas always considers LBD as an essential thing to complete their wardrobe - a rule of fashion, some said. Why? Because LBD can be dressed up or down depending on the occasion. For example, my LBD up there. For casual look, I wore socks and boots. However, when I wore it to a party, I added jewelry and accessories, then changed the socks and boots to formal high heels.

It means to be a staple of the wardrobe for a long.... time, so the style should be simple and not too clearly part of a trend (which would soon become outdated). Mine was bought from an online shop - as usual.

One of my favorite place to search for LBD is Persunmall. They have cute black formal dresses that can be categorized as LBD. See how cute they are! These are only a few things that you can get from Persunmall; you have to check it out yourself and maybe you will see something that you like.

Well... previously I said that usually fashionistas need only one LBD, but hey! Let's face that it's not real. Ha-ha! I have tons of black dresses because I felt safe when I wore them - slimmer and prettier. I used to have low confidence - I felt fat (and used to be fat). I'm not saying that I'm slim now, but at least I gain confidence. I start to buy more colorful wardrobe and it makes me feel good too.

This fashion blog really helps me a lot - in a way. I learn a lot of things through blogging and it helps me to choose wardrobe cleverly. I learn to mix and match my own outfits, trying to make it work which ones will make me look slimmer and boost my confidence.

I try to work it out, instead of busy trying to look safe. For me, it's a really big achievement in life.

And it also thanks to Fernando - which helps me a lot in gaining confidence and loves me just the way I am! <3 Love you!

So, how many little black dress that you have? Are you a LBD maniac like me? >.<

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June 16, 2013

Melting Ice Cream // Giveaway Winner

Pictures by Fernando Prasetyo

Hello! This time, I'm going with the pastel look again. Based on the title, I'm sure you know what my inspiration is.

Yupppp... Yummy Ice-Cream <3 Ice-cream has always been my favorite treat and guilty pleasure. Maybe this is one of the reasons, I can't get slimmer like I want to be. I just can't resist the cold, sweet, delicious, and melting feeling, when I eat them. Even when I talk about ice-cream (like now), I'm drooling. Haha! Even my Fernando always teases me with his Haagen dazs stock. Lol! I never keep any stock, because I used to eat one big tube of ice-cream in just TWO days by MYSELF. That was the reason I'm so chubby, back at my school day. Now, I know how to control the urge to eat and I'm grateful for that. :)

So, what do you think of my latest leggings? The first time, I saw this at Romwe, I was instantly falling in love and I knew that I had to get it!

Who can resist the pastel colors, the melting effect, and the ice-creamy feeling? Not me... Haha!

Autumn Skye Celine Shirt | Romwe Melting Ice-Cream Leggings | LOVE sneakers

Pastel color never goes wrong with white. That's why I chose my white celine from  Autumn Skye as top. I don't want it to be boring, so I added the same pastel colors by wearing the studded bracelets. Last but not least, I wore cute silver sneakers from Inlovewithfashion.

Fernando felt like it was missing something and he lent me his white BOSE headphone and  iPod. Like always, he has great taste of fashion and yes... it made the look not plain at all.

From this :

Become this :

Pretty nice, right? :D


June 11, 2013

Persunmall // My Wedding's Color Theme

PERSUNMALL. Dear my lovely readers, this time I'd like to introduce you to my lovely sponsor, Persunmall. I always enjoy browsing through a new online shop, because I'm a crazy shopper. The weird thing is lately I love online shopping better than the traditional one. What I mean traditional is by going to the mall and searching from a pile of clothing right from the shops. I'm just... too lazy, unless my craziness is coming out. Ha-ha!

By shopping online, I can casually click through each product, see the size descriptions, see how it looks like on the model's body, put it on cart, pay, and then voila! You just wait for the goodies to arrive. So easy! Of course, you have to be careful and choose a trusted online shop.

Persunmall is one of them. They offer various range of clothing - for example dresses or gowns and accessories. You can find a simple dress to formal gown, then you can also choose your color preferences. What you want is what you will get.

For a bride-to-be though, lately I've been looking for the perfect bridesmaid dresses (I already found mine! Yay! So, I'm no longer worried about my wedding gown!). I will have three pairs of bridesmaids and best-men on my wedding day. All of them are my best friends and Fernando's.

I already decided the color theme and I'm confused which color will be suitable for my bridesmaids. Should it be the sweet white bridesmaid dresses or hmm... that color that I chose which is still a secret for now? Fernando wants it to be that secret color, because it will make me pop out - as the bride. He's so sweet, right?

But, who can resist these cute and affordable white bridesmaid dresses? Certainly, not me! The style is simple, elegant, and up-to-date. Look at these beauty :

Whoever designs the cute colorful bow tie belts for these dresses is genius! It will add color to the traditional white dresses. I mentioned this once to Fernando too, that color (read : my wedding's secret color theme) as the belt, but he was against it. But his argument is valid, so yes... I will do as he wish. Besides, that color is my favorite color too. Yay!

I want the three bridesmaids to have their own style and maybe I'll choose short dresses for them. I see a lot of cute short bridesmaid dresses at Persunmall's webite and wow... they are super cute! I'm going to browse through their website with Fernando later. If you find the one that you like from Persunmall, would you mind telling me which one?

Really, I'm hoping I will not become a bridezilla when preparing the wedding. Haha! :)

So, guys, any guesses about my wedding color theme?

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June 4, 2013

Giveaway #7 : Dskon.com x Miss Oline

GIVEAWAY. After holding a few giveaways for international readers, I'm holding one for my local readers (read : fellow Indonesian). Before talking about the giveaway, I'd like to introduce you to my lovely sponsor, Dskon.com. It's an online portal to help us collecting, categorizing, and updating the latest discount from so many online shops.

You can find everything from health, education, culinary, sports, and so on. For me, the most appealing category is fashion - of course! I love browsing through this category and hopping from one online shop to another - it's easier to click from Dskon.com rather than trying to remember the shops one by one. Just try it and visit their website, then you will know what I mean ;p

I know you will love the giveaway prize :

Yeah, it's the famous Indonesian brand for shoes, UP Shoes! Just follow the rules below to enter this giveaway.

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Good luck dear!