June 23, 2013

Little Black Dress

Picture by Fernando Prasetyo

Guys, I know that you know there's one thing that women need in her closet. This thing can be worn in every occasion and the most important thing is... it will always make you look slimmer. I bet from the title, you already know what it is. Yes, you are right! It's the little black dress.

Litte black dress usually is an evening or cocktail dress, cut simply and often quite short. We usually refer it as 'LBD'.

Fashionistas always considers LBD as an essential thing to complete their wardrobe - a rule of fashion, some said. Why? Because LBD can be dressed up or down depending on the occasion. For example, my LBD up there. For casual look, I wore socks and boots. However, when I wore it to a party, I added jewelry and accessories, then changed the socks and boots to formal high heels.

It means to be a staple of the wardrobe for a long.... time, so the style should be simple and not too clearly part of a trend (which would soon become outdated). Mine was bought from an online shop - as usual.

One of my favorite place to search for LBD is Persunmall. They have cute black formal dresses that can be categorized as LBD. See how cute they are! These are only a few things that you can get from Persunmall; you have to check it out yourself and maybe you will see something that you like.

Well... previously I said that usually fashionistas need only one LBD, but hey! Let's face that it's not real. Ha-ha! I have tons of black dresses because I felt safe when I wore them - slimmer and prettier. I used to have low confidence - I felt fat (and used to be fat). I'm not saying that I'm slim now, but at least I gain confidence. I start to buy more colorful wardrobe and it makes me feel good too.

This fashion blog really helps me a lot - in a way. I learn a lot of things through blogging and it helps me to choose wardrobe cleverly. I learn to mix and match my own outfits, trying to make it work which ones will make me look slimmer and boost my confidence.

I try to work it out, instead of busy trying to look safe. For me, it's a really big achievement in life.

And it also thanks to Fernando - which helps me a lot in gaining confidence and loves me just the way I am! <3 Love you!

So, how many little black dress that you have? Are you a LBD maniac like me? >.<

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  1. Gee, your LBD is so cute! I'm a fan of black dress too, it makes us slimmer and classy at the same time. However i dont know why most of my friends dislike little black dress. looks like going to funeral, they said.. :( I wish they will soon realize that lbd is one of must-have woman apparel.

    Gee.. I missed your giveaway feat dskon.com!!!! I wish I could enter... I'm following you on bloglovin so I wont miss any info from you again :)

  2. OMG ! sukaaa sama spatunyaaa >.<
    thank you ya dear, udah mampir dan komen di blogku. ^^
    kamu cantik pake item2 gini, i swear hahaa.

    Salam kenal yaaa ^_^

  3. You gave it an alternative touch with those booties...I love the way it looks...I have many but theyƩ never enough lol

  4. My my...you look just fine and pretty to me yaahh...LBD is a mandatory for us girl, who dare to object that! LOL~ i'm not so into black, but i really think black give out elegant and glamour aura. So at least i have 1 or 2 LBD on my closet.

    Btw, LBD+socks+boots=awesome! :P


  5. love your shoes

  6. aaaaah Ci! suka banget sama dress-nya, apalagi kayak ada gold dots gitu, looks so glamour <3<3

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  7. I love the shoes you're wearing x


  8. Gosh your LBD look awesome on you! cantik banget ci haha pengen yang kayak gitu juga!

    I blogged about my life in South Korea and beauty related stuff
    please kindly check them out! :D


  9. I have lots of LBDs too! Can't help it, they're all gorgeous! Haha It's been a while since I last visited your blog. Good to be back:)

    xx Daphne of http://daphnebenosa.com

  10. That LBD look fabulous on you.


  11. OBSESSED with LBDs! The only sort of dresses I own ;)

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    Bloglovin | http://www.bloglovin.com/blog/1823055/

  12. KILLER DRESS !!! *___*


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