June 11, 2013

Persunmall // My Wedding's Color Theme

PERSUNMALL. Dear my lovely readers, this time I'd like to introduce you to my lovely sponsor, Persunmall. I always enjoy browsing through a new online shop, because I'm a crazy shopper. The weird thing is lately I love online shopping better than the traditional one. What I mean traditional is by going to the mall and searching from a pile of clothing right from the shops. I'm just... too lazy, unless my craziness is coming out. Ha-ha!

By shopping online, I can casually click through each product, see the size descriptions, see how it looks like on the model's body, put it on cart, pay, and then voila! You just wait for the goodies to arrive. So easy! Of course, you have to be careful and choose a trusted online shop.

Persunmall is one of them. They offer various range of clothing - for example dresses or gowns and accessories. You can find a simple dress to formal gown, then you can also choose your color preferences. What you want is what you will get.

For a bride-to-be though, lately I've been looking for the perfect bridesmaid dresses (I already found mine! Yay! So, I'm no longer worried about my wedding gown!). I will have three pairs of bridesmaids and best-men on my wedding day. All of them are my best friends and Fernando's.

I already decided the color theme and I'm confused which color will be suitable for my bridesmaids. Should it be the sweet white bridesmaid dresses or hmm... that color that I chose which is still a secret for now? Fernando wants it to be that secret color, because it will make me pop out - as the bride. He's so sweet, right?

But, who can resist these cute and affordable white bridesmaid dresses? Certainly, not me! The style is simple, elegant, and up-to-date. Look at these beauty :

Whoever designs the cute colorful bow tie belts for these dresses is genius! It will add color to the traditional white dresses. I mentioned this once to Fernando too, that color (read : my wedding's secret color theme) as the belt, but he was against it. But his argument is valid, so yes... I will do as he wish. Besides, that color is my favorite color too. Yay!

I want the three bridesmaids to have their own style and maybe I'll choose short dresses for them. I see a lot of cute short bridesmaid dresses at Persunmall's webite and wow... they are super cute! I'm going to browse through their website with Fernando later. If you find the one that you like from Persunmall, would you mind telling me which one?

Really, I'm hoping I will not become a bridezilla when preparing the wedding. Haha! :)

So, guys, any guesses about my wedding color theme?

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  1. I really like the first white bridesmaid dress. I'm a big fan of long gowns for the bridesmaids. (Something about short dresses for bridesmaids rubs me the wrong way.) There's something so elegant yet relaxed about the flow and the cut of the fabric. It slightly reminds me of the theme of Kate Moss' wedding dress and overall celebration when she got married to Jamie Hitch.

    Regarding your wedding colour... my guess is red? I think you mentioned before that it was your favourite colour.

  2. Great dresses! I love Persunmall:)


  3. i love the color combination, and the dress is lovely! you look lovely :)

  4. lovely :D

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  5. nice post :):) keep up the good work! :)

  6. Amazing dresses! Your blog is really interesting!
    Would you like to follow each other? :)
    With love, Sofia Silva ♥


  7. love your post. do you want follow each other?
    let me know .... thanks


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