July 30, 2013

Sparkling Mermaid

Pictures by Fernando Prasetyo

MERMAID. When we are little girls, there is one moment in life when we want to become a character from various famous fairytales. For me, mermaid is my chosen one. I used to imagine the freedom of swimming around the sea, talking with various sea creatures, and of course falling in love. >.<

That's why when I saw these legs from Black Milk Clothing, I regretted for not buying them the first time. Luckily, I finally got these from my fellow Sharkies, Amber Malcolm. Thanks for selling my dream piece. <3

I have another two pair of mermaid leggings, but different colors. I can't wait to style them again later! :D Can you guess what colors are they? ^^

One of main points in wearing these kind of bold leggings is combining them with basic long top without bold patterns (either loose or  body-fit) - I chose neon sweater to add color for the whole outfits. I tried to avoid wearing black, because I pretty bored with repeating the same pattern all over again. Yep, usually if I was too lazy to style my pattern leggings, I would wear my black top. Ha-ha!

The second point is to wear your statement boots with basic colors. Thanks to my lovely sponsor, Chicnova for sending me these pretty black wedges boots. They matched perfectly with my outfits.

Look at those close-up pictures of the boots. Aren't they so pretty and adorable? Besides, they are super comfy. I can walk all day long while wearing them. If you want to buy them, just visit Chicnova Footwear. I'm not saying them just because they are my sponsor, but because I love their great service. The package arrived with aromatic stone ( I think? :D I don't know how to say it correctly, but I hope you understand what I mean!) - and that really captured my loyalty. When the package arrived, it smelt so nice! Yes, just treat the customer like a king and pretty sure the customer will be back.

Chicnova Black Suede Wedges Boots | Zara Neon Knit Top | Black Milk Clothing Mermaid Silver Leggings | Autumn Skye Hat and Accessories 


July 27, 2013

Leggings and Tips Wearing Them

Leggings from Black Milk Clothing | Romwe

Pictures by Fernando Prasetyo

Just like I stated previously, leggings are my favorite clothing. What's not to love? They are super comfy, the waistband isn't really killing me, and easy access when I have to go to the toilet. Oh and also, it's so stretchy and give me comfort in whatever move that I do. >.<

I haven't even worn a lot of things that I bought. Ha-ha! Yes, I'm crazy like that. Fernando is always looking at me with a raised eyebrow (Okay! Not at me, but at my collection >.<).

I used to only love wearing plain black leggings and going with the simple look, but now I fall in love with printed leggings. But, hey! You still need staple leggings for your daily life. I choose the plain, comfortable and cheap ones. These leggings can be found on Garage. Below are some of their items that I like :

In our daily life, we wore the leggings for comfort/work and sometimes -accidentally or not- bad things could happen to them. It could be ripped, torn, or stained. That is the reason why I choose to wear the cheap and comfortable ones.

For hanging out with friends, date night, or basically my dress-up time, I choose to wear my printed leggings. My collection is vary from cheap to super expensive. The ones that I rarely wear and a lot of them are still brand new with tag. Ha-ha! Mostly, by Black Milk Clothing. I don't want to spoil them! :D

I'm the girl that doesn't really brand-minded. Yes, I admit the quality is different, but there is no way, I'd say I'd never wear the cheap leggings anymore. As long as the quality is pretty good (not thin!), the price is reasonable, and stylish - I'd buy them. :) However, of course, it's a matter of preferences.

Leggings by LovelySally | Choies

A few tips in wearing leggings :

1. There's a lot of arguments how leggings aren't supposed to be pants. If you can rock them, I'd say just wear it as pants. In some way, that argument is true though. If you have 'camel toe' when wearing them or they are see-through, I suggest to wear it as leggings with long top and not proudly showing your Miss V lines (read : frontal wedgie situation). Some girls might think that it's sexy, but seriously... it's not. It will catch unnecessary attention and mostly not in a good way.

2. For leggings that kinda showing your Miss V lines, layering is the key. Think of them as tights rather than pants, put them under your skirt, dresses, or tunic.

3. If you are wearing plain leggings, then play around with your top and shoes. Choose bright colors and bold patterns as your top. I also suggest to match the color of your top with your shoes/sneakers/boots, but if you are not confident, then just wear black shoes.

4. For a relaxed yet chic look, pair your leggings with boots and an oversized knit sweater. Finish your look with a top knot or a loose side braid - if you like doing your hair. This is what I mostly do, but I rarely do my hair; I'm just too lazy~ ha-ha.

5. Leggings are perfect thing to pair with a dress that's too short to wear alone. If your dress is getting close to knee length, though, opaque tights will look much more chic.

6. For hanging out with friends/date night, pair your leggings with a long tank top or silky blouse. Don't forget to wear your edgy jewelry, high heels, and clutch.

7. If you wear regular-length top with a pair of leggings, balance it out with long scarf and cardigan,  that will give you a sweet look. If you want coverage, tie a sweater or shirt around your waist for more chic and sporty look.

There are still a lot more tips, while wearing printed leggings. But I will save it for another time in another blog post.

So, wearing leggings as pants... is it yay or nay for you? Please tell me your thought below. :)

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July 11, 2013

IHandBagsMall --> Never Receive My Goodies (Don't Order From Here!)

For my wedding, my soon-to-be mother in law bought me a lovely Authentic Louis Vuitton bag in Singapore. They are so pretty and it made me wonder - where to get branded bag through online shop. I want them to arrive safely in front of my doorstep with cheaper price.

I found this lovely handbags outlet and they are kind enough to become my latest sponsor. I'm introducing you to IHandBagsMall.  They don't sell replica, counterfeit, or knockoff handbags. Their collection of handbags is created with designer-inspired elements and do not violate any branded copyright. They sell branded handbags, such as LV, Miu-Miu, Gucci, Prada, and Fendi. Their products are truly worth drooling over!


My favorite brand is LV and they have so many choice with reasonable price. I have a few wish list that I hope will come true someday. Ha-ha!

By the way, I'm not putting the Authentic LV that my mom-in-law bought for me. Another secret <3 I also have the Neverfull one, but still remains as one of my favorite bags - that's why I put it into my wish list.

Do you have any favorite branded bag? Or even dream piece? (Don't have to be LV). I bet you have! Mind letting me know in the comment below? I want to see what you like! :)

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July 7, 2013


Pictures by Fernando Prasetyo

I think so far, my most favorite outfit is this one! Lately, I've been obsessed with leggings. You will be shock when I show you my collections from Black Milk Clothing (Not counting from Romwe and Lovelysally). This time, I wore Chaak Legging by Lovelysally.

Their collection is so nice, but so far I only have two. Limited budget, duh! Ha-Ha. I love the mixture of pink, purple, blue, and not mentioning the lighting part. For me, everything is perfect!

I decided to pair these awesome legs with plain skull tank, black studded boots and bag to make the legs standing out. To add another pop color, I wear my favorite pink cap <3

To make this sporty look more real, we decided to take pictures on the basketball court near Fernando's house. I think we made the right choice, right? :D

Lovelysally Chaak Leggings | Autumn Skye Boots, Pink cap & Bag | LOVE boots


July 5, 2013


Have you ever thought about an online shop that sells a lot of categories at once? It means not only women clothing, but also other range of categories like gadget, men clothing, and so on. For me? Yes, I do.

ChinaBuye offers all of them for us. Since I'm not a gadget person (Yeah, I'm suck at that. LoL), I mainly look at the women and men clothing part, fashion jewelry,  intimate apparel, watch, health & beauty. Okay, okay! I admit that it's all of them - minus the gadget part.

What I like about them is their cheap wholesale price and free shipping! Yeah, that is the only offer that makes me want to buy from online shop who sells worldwide. I don't have to count the shipping cost and just looking at the price, I know that is the amount that I have to pay to get the item.

I also read a lot of positive reviews from other customers that makes me believe the credibility of ChinaBuye. A lot of customers are happy with their 30 days money back guarantee service, customer service, and their dropship service.

I have a few wish list item that make me drooling. Ha-ha!

There are so many more! But these are what I want the most!

Aren't they so cute? Do you think this online shop is YaY or NaY? For me, a super... big YAY! :D

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July 4, 2013


Hi guys! It's time for sponsor spotlight here. I'd like to introduce you to my latest sponsor, ClothingLoves. They offer various range of clothing, including discount women's clothing, denim jeans for women, and the price is super cheap - just like they stated! For such amazing range of clothing, they offer wholesale price - and this is what crazy shopper like me looking for. LoL. Look at these cutie! I really want to nom them. Ha-ha! Don't you feel the same way?

And of course, besides their cheap clothing,  I quickly browse their Wedding Dresses for references and maybe a few sneak peek of their collections that might or might not be look alike with my Wedding Dresses. Oh my! How many post that I wrote and gave you hint about my wedding? The color theme, bridesmaid dresses, and now... the wedding gown. From these wedding dresses down here, one of them look like mine! Ha-ha! The key word : look like, but these dresses are as pretty as mine. I just want to tell you all the details, but there will be no surprise on my wedding then. LoL.

Oh my! With so many cool sponsors and online shops who offer super cheap prices, I wonder how I'd survive the temptation. Hmmm... don't you feel tempted to visit and buy something from ClothingLoves too?

Psst... If you want to find something for your man, they also have Men's Clothing area! :D

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July 1, 2013

Giveaway #8 : Persunmall x Miss Oline

Picture by Fernando Prasetyo

Hi guys! Persunmall and I are teaming up to hold July giveaway for you. So, for my readers who haven't won any of my giveaway yet, here is another chance for you!

Before I get into the rules, here are the lovely prizes. You can choose from so many items :

1. Wings Heart Cotton VestSKU: FCBI00155
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5. Stylish Color Contrast Two-Piece Suit    SKU: FIBI0042    
6. Cow Color Cotton ShortsSKU: FJCE0040 
8. Irregular Net Chiffon DressSKU: FXBI00209

The Rules are easy. Just fulfill the requirements below. There are a few things that you MUST do - or your entry will not be counted.

1. Register at Persunmall.

3. Follow Miss Oline on these platforms :

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4. Leave a comment with the registered email and your full name under this giveaway post.

EXTRA-ENTRY for additional points :

1. Like and comment on Miss Oline's Giveaway Banner (Maximum comments are 3). (+1 each)
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Oh! There's also a special LUCKY PRIZE for all participants :

Persunmall also prepared worth $100 gift card "lucky prize" for the randomly-selected lucky one, so everyone has the chance! 

This giveaway ends at July 15, 2013. Open for all local and international readers.

Notice :
1. Winners will be determined by Persunmall.
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3. We select one winner from every 60 participants, that means 1 winner out of 60, 2 winners out of 120. So, the more people take part in, the more winners there will be!
4. Winners will be announced on Persunmall Official Page and Miss Oline Facebook Page on 19, July.
5. Persunmall Marketing team will contact the winners by email, so be sure to check your email!

Good luck, dear!