July 5, 2013


Have you ever thought about an online shop that sells a lot of categories at once? It means not only women clothing, but also other range of categories like gadget, men clothing, and so on. For me? Yes, I do.

ChinaBuye offers all of them for us. Since I'm not a gadget person (Yeah, I'm suck at that. LoL), I mainly look at the women and men clothing part, fashion jewelry,  intimate apparel, watch, health & beauty. Okay, okay! I admit that it's all of them - minus the gadget part.

What I like about them is their cheap wholesale price and free shipping! Yeah, that is the only offer that makes me want to buy from online shop who sells worldwide. I don't have to count the shipping cost and just looking at the price, I know that is the amount that I have to pay to get the item.

I also read a lot of positive reviews from other customers that makes me believe the credibility of ChinaBuye. A lot of customers are happy with their 30 days money back guarantee service, customer service, and their dropship service.

I have a few wish list item that make me drooling. Ha-ha!

There are so many more! But these are what I want the most!

Aren't they so cute? Do you think this online shop is YaY or NaY? For me, a super... big YAY! :D

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  1. nice review ce !!



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