July 4, 2013


Hi guys! It's time for sponsor spotlight here. I'd like to introduce you to my latest sponsor, ClothingLoves. They offer various range of clothing, including discount women's clothing, denim jeans for women, and the price is super cheap - just like they stated! For such amazing range of clothing, they offer wholesale price - and this is what crazy shopper like me looking for. LoL. Look at these cutie! I really want to nom them. Ha-ha! Don't you feel the same way?

And of course, besides their cheap clothing,  I quickly browse their Wedding Dresses for references and maybe a few sneak peek of their collections that might or might not be look alike with my Wedding Dresses. Oh my! How many post that I wrote and gave you hint about my wedding? The color theme, bridesmaid dresses, and now... the wedding gown. From these wedding dresses down here, one of them look like mine! Ha-ha! The key word : look like, but these dresses are as pretty as mine. I just want to tell you all the details, but there will be no surprise on my wedding then. LoL.

Oh my! With so many cool sponsors and online shops who offer super cheap prices, I wonder how I'd survive the temptation. Hmmm... don't you feel tempted to visit and buy something from ClothingLoves too?

Psst... If you want to find something for your man, they also have Men's Clothing area! :D

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  1. those dresses are so gorgeous !! your blog is really cute and chic and you are so pretty. :D

    visit me back if you don't mind :D

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  2. thanks for sharing

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  3. The dresses are stunning. I want to get married in that second last dress <3
    Hope you are fine Caroline. Always a pleasure to hear from you :D


  4. yum yum love the sale! such a great info aye!


  5. omg those dresses make me feel like getting married but I don't even have a bf lol!!!
    Would you like us to follow each other dear? Let me know okay? :)


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