July 27, 2013

Leggings and Tips Wearing Them

Leggings from Black Milk Clothing | Romwe

Pictures by Fernando Prasetyo

Just like I stated previously, leggings are my favorite clothing. What's not to love? They are super comfy, the waistband isn't really killing me, and easy access when I have to go to the toilet. Oh and also, it's so stretchy and give me comfort in whatever move that I do. >.<

I haven't even worn a lot of things that I bought. Ha-ha! Yes, I'm crazy like that. Fernando is always looking at me with a raised eyebrow (Okay! Not at me, but at my collection >.<).

I used to only love wearing plain black leggings and going with the simple look, but now I fall in love with printed leggings. But, hey! You still need staple leggings for your daily life. I choose the plain, comfortable and cheap ones. These leggings can be found on Garage. Below are some of their items that I like :

In our daily life, we wore the leggings for comfort/work and sometimes -accidentally or not- bad things could happen to them. It could be ripped, torn, or stained. That is the reason why I choose to wear the cheap and comfortable ones.

For hanging out with friends, date night, or basically my dress-up time, I choose to wear my printed leggings. My collection is vary from cheap to super expensive. The ones that I rarely wear and a lot of them are still brand new with tag. Ha-ha! Mostly, by Black Milk Clothing. I don't want to spoil them! :D

I'm the girl that doesn't really brand-minded. Yes, I admit the quality is different, but there is no way, I'd say I'd never wear the cheap leggings anymore. As long as the quality is pretty good (not thin!), the price is reasonable, and stylish - I'd buy them. :) However, of course, it's a matter of preferences.

Leggings by LovelySally | Choies

A few tips in wearing leggings :

1. There's a lot of arguments how leggings aren't supposed to be pants. If you can rock them, I'd say just wear it as pants. In some way, that argument is true though. If you have 'camel toe' when wearing them or they are see-through, I suggest to wear it as leggings with long top and not proudly showing your Miss V lines (read : frontal wedgie situation). Some girls might think that it's sexy, but seriously... it's not. It will catch unnecessary attention and mostly not in a good way.

2. For leggings that kinda showing your Miss V lines, layering is the key. Think of them as tights rather than pants, put them under your skirt, dresses, or tunic.

3. If you are wearing plain leggings, then play around with your top and shoes. Choose bright colors and bold patterns as your top. I also suggest to match the color of your top with your shoes/sneakers/boots, but if you are not confident, then just wear black shoes.

4. For a relaxed yet chic look, pair your leggings with boots and an oversized knit sweater. Finish your look with a top knot or a loose side braid - if you like doing your hair. This is what I mostly do, but I rarely do my hair; I'm just too lazy~ ha-ha.

5. Leggings are perfect thing to pair with a dress that's too short to wear alone. If your dress is getting close to knee length, though, opaque tights will look much more chic.

6. For hanging out with friends/date night, pair your leggings with a long tank top or silky blouse. Don't forget to wear your edgy jewelry, high heels, and clutch.

7. If you wear regular-length top with a pair of leggings, balance it out with long scarf and cardigan,  that will give you a sweet look. If you want coverage, tie a sweater or shirt around your waist for more chic and sporty look.

There are still a lot more tips, while wearing printed leggings. But I will save it for another time in another blog post.

So, wearing leggings as pants... is it yay or nay for you? Please tell me your thought below. :)

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  1. Love your leggings kak! especially the last one, look like ice cream XD
    I rarely wear legging, I usually match it with skirt T_T I don't wear it as pants.
    Thanks a lot for the tips kak, its help a lot ;)

    visit my little cream button♥ instagram♥ | bloglovin♥

  2. Useful and informative!
    Ahh...I envy your colorful legging collection, like a lot, ci oliiiine >.< <3

    The Mad Shopper's Dressing Room

  3. I love wearing leggings and to me they are pants so that's how I wear them. You have a great collection of cute leggings and I love them all.

  4. I love wearing leggings and to me they are pants so that's how I wear them. You have a great collection of cute leggings and I love them all.

  5. Lovely tips! It really is necessary don't you think? LOL~ i have some printed leggings collection and i agree with you (once more), branded/expensive items are not necessary as long as they have good quality. :D

    You got me some nice tips how to wear them nicely~ hihihi..thanks dear Oline! :D


  6. So many perfect leggings. Have a nice weekend.


  7. Great and useful tips! Really cute and fun printed pairs of leggings!

  8. Amazing legging!
    i want all of them :D


  9. What an amazing looks, sweetie ^__^

    Many kisses,



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