Cruella de Vil - A Halloween Inspiration

September 29, 2013

Pictures by Fernando Prasetyo

Cruella de Vil. If you watched the dalmatians movie, I knew that you know who she is. I chose this title, because Fernando said I looked like her. Ha-ha! It's kind of a joke between us, but hey! I got an interesting title. Besides, Halloween is coming up soon. So I thought... Why don't I make Cruella de Vil as an inspiration?

I'm not going to dye my hair like her though - it's totally unacceptable in my country. I couldn't imagine the whisper and the snicker from people (totally scary!). But I'm inspired by the way she dressed in black and white. Quirky, weird, and evil - but unique!

Thanks to Front Row Shop for giving me this stylish batwing jersey. I love the uniqueness of this piece. At first, It was hard to style this piece. Challenging, but fun. The hard part is because I'm pretty short (Asian size, duh? :D) and the batwing jersey is super long. I knew right away that I had to wear high heels in order to make my legs look longer. Ha-ha!

I decided to be bold and wore my Black Milk 'Will You Still Love Me' Hosiery. The combination is pretty much lethal. I have to be careful though, because the upper part of those tights is transparent. Later, I will wear shorts, so I could move freely.

Front Row Batwing Jersey | Black Milk Hosiery | Autumn Skye Hologram Bag | Gowigasa Hat

Details... details :D I always love to show you the details of my outfit :

What do you think of this outfit? :D

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  1. girl u rrock this look, I love it !!

  2. I like it.

  3. Love your inspiring blog :)


  4. a great look

    visit mine whenever you had a chance :D

    stay fab,
    Miss Aa

  5. love your inspired look from Cruela! <3 you look so pretty ci Oline!

    Pudding Monster

  6. Love your inspiring blog :)


  7. lovely ^_^


  8. My gosh! You look great! I really love your stockings. Its great :)


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