September 26, 2013

Sweet Love // Giveaway Winner

Pictures by Fernando Prasetyo

SWEET LOVE. Ah yes, lately I'm in love mode. Ha-ha! My wedding date is getting closer and I love every bit of the hectic preparation. So busy, but I manage to spend some time with Fernando. I'm also enjoying my last few days with my family. We live closed by, but still I'm going to miss my parents. Everything will be different after October 6th, but I guess in a good way. I can't wait to start a new life with Fernando <3

If you remember my last wish list, you will know that I mentioned about a red coat. I got them from my sweet sponsor, Persunmall. My wish is granted by them! Ha-ha! I know that I'm a bit dramatic here, but after receiving the parcel, I squealed so loudly.

Sometimes, I'm pretty confused with the way our post office work. I'm not sure why I received only notification to get a parcel that was sent from abroad - instead of being sent to my house directly. Isn't that supposed to be signed on delivery? Hmm... The weird part is the parcel from Persunmall, the tracking number said I received it on September 19th, but I haven't even got the notification. A glitch maybe, but at least I got my sweet parcel happily. Have this ever happened to you, dear fellow Indonesian blogger? :)

Why? Because the red coat is so... perfect! The material is thick and that makes the coat a great bargain in my eyes. The price is really worth it. I know that it doesn't make sense to have a coat in a 'hot' country like Indonesia, but I just couldn't resist having it. Maybe later, I could wear it when I go abroad. Despite of that, I keep walking around wearing the coat inside my house. Yes, I'm that obsessed. LoL.

If you want to buy this awesomeness, just visit Persunmall Double Breasted Red Cotton Coat page.

I can't get enough with it, so I want to share the coat details with you. >.<

Persunmall Red Coat | Black Milk Clothing Dress | Gowigasa Heart Stockings | Autumn Skye Bag

Usually, I saw people always wearing red coat with all black outfit, but I wanted to add color in the whole outfit. That's why I chose my bright blue reef bodycon dress from Black Milk. Bold choice, but I think it works.

What do you think? :) How do you style your red coat?

//Giveaway Winner//

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  1. pretty coat

    visit mine whenever you had a chance :D

    stay fab,
    Miss Aa

  2. Haha the dress is like a beautiful surprise--when you open the red coat, BAM! Love the whole combo :)

    Cheers from Jakarta,

  3. Really love your dress and coat❤❤❤

  4. lovely inspiring blog :)


  5. awww... you look so cute... and I aodre your boots!!!

  6. Gorgeous, ci olin! And so much awesome -- everything is perfect: the quirky cute dress, the bold coat, the rockin boots -- I love it! Good luck with the wedding anyways ;) hehe


    The Mad Shopper's Dressing Room

  7. Great look and cute coat! Kisses.

  8. omg i won!! thank you for the lovely giveaway ^^
    btw, u can wear the coat when u go overseas for the honeymoon maybe :D
    love the outfit. and the shoes. they're so gorgeous ^^

  9. really love the combination and the contrast!

  10. What a fantastic and uniquely printed dress, looks amazing on you, love the elegant red coat.

  11. What size you use? I bought an M and it was super small I had to resell it

  12. What size you use? I bought an M and it was super small I had to resell it

  13. Hi Pau, I wore size M here. :) A bit tight at the arm part and yep, I only wore it without buttoning it. If you know what I mean :D


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