September 18, 2013

The September Issue

Hi guys! I realized that I have been gone for a pretty long time. I was swarmed with wedding preparation and sudden holiday to Bangkok - Singapore. Tiring, but hey? I'm pretty happy. I couldn't really take any pictures, because we forgot to bring our camera - due to the sudden excitement. At least, the memory will be forever imprinted in my mind.

Anyway, for this post, I want to introduce you to an interesting article that I stumbled upon and I know you will love them too!


Winter is looming, the nights are getting darker and the key season Autumn/Winter trends and now being drip-fed through the media. We all know that the September magazine issues are the most fashion-focused of the year, bringing new styles and trends to life and telling us what we need to be looking out for on the high street and in designer boutiques.
The Zara ‘skort’ was such a phenomenon his summer, gracing the editorial pages of every glossy magazine, but what will be this seasons key trend?
Many say that fashion designers determine fashion trends through their catwalk shows showcased a season in advance, but who really sets the tone for the season, is it us or them?
We make note of what our trusty magazines insist are going to keep us ahead of the fashionista race with our gaggle of girlfriends. It’s us who make the choice to go out and purchase must-have garments, and it’s us that make the choice to invest in throw away high street fashion or high end designer. Its us who cut back on the weekly shopping budget to save up for the next Mulberry handbag, its us that take the Tube to work instead of taxis so we can save money to hit the bars in Shoreditch and dangle the new luxe leather beauty from our arms. However, it’s definitely them who feed us with aspirational images of what we should be wearing and we lap it up.
We even go as far to raid our boyfriends wardrobe for key season trends and steal their jeans and Simon+Simon knitwear, hence the fashion term ‘boyfriend’ jeans and the prevalence of oversized knitted jumpers as a key trend last season.
I wonder which items from our boyfriends wardrobes we will be looking to share this season...I say let’s stick to feminine lines, soft tones and statement jewellery and leave the androgynous look to the boys.
Bring on the September issues…Bring on the Winter…Bring on the fashion trends to feed our fashion frenzies.
Written by Zeri Burt-Skeete, resident fashion blogger at Simon + Simon, redefining men’s style piece by piece.
Just like Zeri said, we could be the one who sets the tone for the season. After all, the designers would be nothing without fans or customers, but we couldn't deny that we are tempted by their aspirational image.

I even would raid Fernando's wardrobe after we get married this Oct. Ha-ha! He has the most comfiest sweater ever! Or maybe I will buy Simon+Simon oversized sweater for him, but of course he has to share it with me? Oh-so-tempting.

What do you say? Will you raid your boyfriend/fiance/husband's wardrobe? :D

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  1. love the shorts/skirt... great
    happy day

    NEW POST!!!


    The simple life of rich people blog

  2. the skort was worn by so many bloggers, I really don't wanna see it again


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