November 22, 2013

New Year's Eve Dresses

OCCASION DRESS. It’s coming closer to that certain time of year again….festive parties…Christmas markets…and being  merry! Many of us need to get Christmas out of the way before we can even think about New Years Eve, but the key is to plan ahead and make sure you have your location, occasion and dress already prepared.

Some of us enjoy spending quality time with our families playing games; eating the rest of the Christmas leftovers and popping open the last few bottles of bubble to celebrate the New Year with our loved ones. But for those looking to throw a wild party, book a holiday abroad or join in the festive fun at a friend’s gathering or event, then there’s one thing you will most definitely need to start shopping for now…. A New Years Eve dress.

Start your New Year’s resolution now, and treat yourself every month to something special. Make your New Years Eve dress a special occasion dress that makes you stand out from the crowd. There are wide selections of dresses online that are specially designed for special occasions around the festive season. We are under no illusion that some of us may have added a few extra pounds around our waistlines, so let’s hope you got a pair of Spanx from Santa this Christmas. If you didn’t then invest in shapewear underwear to pull in any lumps and bumps to give you a streamline silhouette underneath your slinky dress.

This time of the year, is the best excuse to play dress up, so whether it’s giving your little black dress a facelift with some gold or silver accessories, or adding a bit of sparkle with a sequinned clutch bag, welcome in the New Year with bags of fun, glamour, fabulous frocks and start your countdown now.

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  1. gosh. the first dress looks amazing <3

  2. I absolutely ADORE that deep blue dress! I followed your blog. Follow mine? (:
    -Jessica Ocea

  3. Beautiful dress dear :D


  4. The only problem with buying an evening dress is that it is such a statement that one can only wear it once or twice before hitting a deja vu moment. And then not being able to wear it anywhere else. :( I do still love the thought of having one, though. They always make you feel like a princess, don't they? x

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