April 29, 2014

In this post, I especially want to say thanks to my lovely bridesmaids. Dear Elsa, Hennie, Yuri... thank you very much for being there and share the happiest moment of my life with me. It means the world to me! Esp. Elsa who came far....away from Japan. I love you guys so much! :)

My wedding theme was all about lavender (with a mix of purple) and mint. So, it became my sweet bridesmaids' dresses. Don't they all look so lovely?

Anyway, I understand that my readers are sometime from another country. For you who lives in UK, I found a great website who offers a beautiful range of Cheap bridesmaid dresses - MissWeddingWear with affordable price.  For others, don't worry! They do ship worldwide.

I can find a lot of cute lavender, purple, and mint dresses - not only for bridesmaid, but also for your little flower girl. Not only that, you can also choose white dress like my bridesmaids with a hint of your theme colors on the ribbon!

For my bridesmaids, I prefer cute short dress rather than the long one. That way, the bride will look more stand out than the rest of the bridesmaids. Hey... Getting the spotlight on your wedding day isn't a crime right? :D

How about you? Share with me your wedding story or plan! :)

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Dresswe Homecoming Dresses! Anyone?

April 28, 2014

HOMECOMING. Sometimes, I envy others who got to enjoy homecoming event. I remember perfectly that I never ONCE join any homecoming event, well... my old school didn't have that particular event for one. For you girls who have those special memories... you girls are so lucky.

In this post, I want to imagine my own homecoming and thinking what dress that I'd wear and what shoes that I'd choose for that special day. Maybe this could be helpful to those of my readers who will attend their own homecoming event and need to dress up.

I always prefer short dresses rather than the long one - cuter, I think. I recently found a cheap website that selling amazing dresses, Dresswe. Dresswe Homecoming Dresses has a lot of cute ones under $100 and that's a great bargain.

If you have white skin tone just like me, I suggest that you choose bold color that will make you stand out in the crowd. It's time to shine bright like a diamond, girls! Luckily, Dresswe offers a great service. You can choose any colors for the dress that you love.

Not only dress, Dresswe also has high heels sandals to complete our look. I'm short, that's why I'd choose high heels over flat ones in a heart beat. So many options, but finally I got to choose four. Here they are :

A penny for your thought? I'd love for you to share your homecoming stories and what kind of dress that you choose. :)

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Sheinside : Late April Wishlist

April 21, 2014

Like I said previously, it's so hard to find outfits for pregnant mama. I thought I would like to share two outfit ideas from my favorite online store, Sheinside. Hopefully, it would be helpful for my readers.

Chic and Edgy

Simple loose dress is my favorite at the moment, since it's not going to restrain my stomach. Who said that Mommy can't look fashionable? Just add rivet bag and lovely necklace to look a bit more edgy.

Black and White

Black and white combination is the best color combo ever! They will certainly will make you look slimmer. Anyway, most of my friends would know that I love wearing top and leggings - that won't change during my pregnancy. I love wearing simple top with pattern leggings (always eye-catching wherever I go!). Leggings waistband is usually stretchy, therefore it won't squeeze my stomach. I know some leggings' waistband can be very tight and I avoid those kind of waistband.

Want to be more chic? Just add houndstooth coat and voila! Chic Mommy~ :D

If you have any other ideas, feel free to share with me! :)

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Happy Easter Sale!

April 19, 2014

Happy Easter day
Up to 75%off. Hurry up!
More than 1000 styles. There is always a suitable one for you!
Start from Apr 15th, end on Apr 22nd.
Shipping within 24 hours.
By the way, the white lace blouse in 3D embroidery will be $11.99 on April 17th, save 64%.
Beginning at 1:00am GMT April 17th,
Lasts only 24 hours, limited pieces available.

For my lovely readers, here is an inner coupon of white lace blouse for you : 10offwhitelace (Itll help you save 67% in total :))  

Great bargain, right? So, what are you waiting for? ^^

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It's Four Months Already

April 14, 2014

Pictures by Fernando Prasetyo

FOUR MONTHS. Wow! Time goes by... I still got the morning sickness, but so much better than before. I find it easier to eat, but harder to find dress. Some parts of me are getting bigger. Ha-ha! You can slightly see the baby bump. I can't wait to hug my baby! >.<

Anyway, it's kind of hard to choose gifts from sponsors, because I have to look for outer or all size clothing. However, I still love the choosing process, I'm still a girl! LoL.

When choosing this Sheinside denim top, I thought of two ways to wear it - as a top or outer. Luckily, it fits me perfectly and still has a lot of spaces left. I can wear it so many times until I get so much bigger! :D The material is super comfy for pregnant me. :)

I combined the top with my favorite dress from Gowigasa. I have to search my wardrobe to find big dress that could fit my upper part. Luckily, I found this old dress of mine! Super cute dress with scallop cutting.

And for picture time... I wore my old colorful platform boots. Gosh! I miss those heels. Nowadays, I always become the shortest in my group of friends. No heels for pregnant mama :D

Sheinside Denim Tribal Top | Gowigasa Dress | Clyns Webstore Platform Boots | Charles & Keith Bag | Kimilatta Bracelets

A Penny for Your Thought? :D

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