April 14, 2014

It's Four Months Already

Pictures by Fernando Prasetyo

FOUR MONTHS. Wow! Time goes by... I still got the morning sickness, but so much better than before. I find it easier to eat, but harder to find dress. Some parts of me are getting bigger. Ha-ha! You can slightly see the baby bump. I can't wait to hug my baby! >.<

Anyway, it's kind of hard to choose gifts from sponsors, because I have to look for outer or all size clothing. However, I still love the choosing process, I'm still a girl! LoL.

When choosing this Sheinside denim top, I thought of two ways to wear it - as a top or outer. Luckily, it fits me perfectly and still has a lot of spaces left. I can wear it so many times until I get so much bigger! :D The material is super comfy for pregnant me. :)

I combined the top with my favorite dress from Gowigasa. I have to search my wardrobe to find big dress that could fit my upper part. Luckily, I found this old dress of mine! Super cute dress with scallop cutting.

And for picture time... I wore my old colorful platform boots. Gosh! I miss those heels. Nowadays, I always become the shortest in my group of friends. No heels for pregnant mama :D

Sheinside Denim Tribal Top | Gowigasa Dress | Clyns Webstore Platform Boots | Charles & Keith Bag | Kimilatta Bracelets

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  1. well you will be the prettiest mother !
    it's pretty exciting right?
    and i like sheinside too, wish i can get their clothes in my wardrobe
    anyway hope we can follow each other through gfc or bloglovin, either way (:

  2. all the best for your pregnancy! you look gorgeous as always!

    Pudding Monster

  3. Perfect look! And congrats too!


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