May 20, 2014

Playing with Colors

Pictures by Fernando Prasetyo

COLORS. Being pregnant made me choose wearing darker color, but thanks to Sheinside yellow dress - now I have something bright and beautiful to wear. That's why I decided to play with several colors at once.

Luckily this dress comes in many different size and it makes me able to wear it! Yay! Thank you Sheinside. Wanna buy this super cute dress? Click here --> Sheinside Yellow Dress.

Anyway, look! My baby bump is getting bigger and you can see it pretty clearly now. Five months down and four to go! Wish me luck <3

First, I chose mint for my necklace and shoes in order to spark the color a little bit. And voila - I love the combination so much.

Secondly, I received this gorgeous tote bag from Zequins Tote Bag. An Indonesian local brand that selling 100% handmade high quality fabulous tote bag. The stitching is very tidy and strong. Besides, the pattern is so cute. Look at mine! I love the gorgeous lavender color and oh... a little bit of mint in there too that went perfectly well with the whole look.

So, what are you waiting for? Love and support local brand, then go check out Zequins' website. You will be amazed!

Here is the details of the flowery part of the dress and the cute pattern of the tote bag. Totally cute! :D

Sheinside Yellow Dress | Zequins Tote Bag | Dhievine Floral Headband

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  1. lovely colors dear! two of my favorite <3 your top looks very beautiful!~ :))

    love lots,

  2. Cute outfit! I wear a lot of black and dark colors, so I've been trying to wear more brighter colors, especially since it's spring. i have heard of Sheinside from a lot of blogs, but now I think I will have to check out their site.

  3. Gorgeous!


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