August 10, 2014

It's All About Comfort

COMFORT. While I am pregnant, I realize that comfortable clothing is number one. I can't wear super cute all-size clothing, because my upper body part totally can't fit in unless the material is super stretchy. But, well... even the super stretchy one is pretty much making me nauseous.

Here are few things that in my opinion - a must have!

1. Maternity Clothes

    They are designed especially for mom-to-be. The material is stretchy and cool. The cutting is perfect for big breasts and stomach. It's super comfortable, but I never forget to choose the stylish ones too. They even have special designed pants (long and short) for preggo mommies with stretchy material only around the stomach. Being pregnant doesn't mean that you have to forget about fashion!

2. Tank top and Cardigans

    My lazy look while pregnant is wearing tank top and cardigan. I can play with colors that way. Black tank top with red cardigan or Yellow tank top with black cardigan. Of course, for now- I bought a lot of new tank tops with bigger size.

3. Leggings

    A must have! The stretchy waistband makes me can fit in to the most of them and they have so many stylish pattern. I usually combine leggings with tank top and cardigan. Easy, right? :D

4. Comfy Underwear

    The size of my underwear changes along my pregnancy journey. It means shopping time! Yay! :D I have to choose the right size for me and of course more comfy material than before. For me, cotton underwear is the best! Anyway, I found a new online shop that got my interest lately, Zalora. Zalora's underwear products are super cute and pretty cheap.

There are still a lot of things that pregnant mommies need, but these four things are my must-have-items. Do you mind sharing to me your must-have-items? :D

Note : Please wait for my maternity photoshoot soon! ^^

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