October 24, 2014

After Pregnancy

AFTER PREGNANCY. So... I gave birth to my daughter one and a half month ago - it was the happiest day of my life! I will share the post about it with all of you soon. I'm pretty much busy with taking care of my little one.

In Chinese tradition, I'm not allowed to go out for one month in order to avoid getting sick (mainly to avoid wind) - unless go to the doctor to check up my c-section scar and my baby's vaccination. In that one month, if you are strong enough, you shouldn't wash your hair. It's good for your health later (when you are old). Luckily, I was strong enough, even though it kinda make me feel frustrated. Ha-ha! Dry shampoo did help a lot, though!

With that, there was no way I could take outfit posts. >.< My hair was a mess and the c-section scar was still hurt too. I was also adjusting my new life. Taking care my little one isn't easy, but I enjoy every second of it. Watching her always bring a smile to my lips. Oh my! I can't wait to share all about her on my next post. She will become a big part of this blog! Maybe it's time for me to change my blog name. I'm not a miss anymore, but it can wait. I need to find a much more suitable name to represent the blog first.

Now, I'm pretty much ready to go out there and back to the fashion game. My first move is to write this post. Secondly, I will bring all my old clothing collections from my parents' home. Lol! A lot of my stuff is still there. The only things I have in my closet here is my maternity clothes. I moved to my new house when I was pregnant (around three months or so), so I was thinking there would be no point in bringing too many clothes that I wouldn't wear for months. But now, I'm in desperate need to get them back. Ha-ha!

The next thing is there will be a lot of wedding parties to attend to and so... I will need gown, gown, and more gown. Lately, I love wearing long prom gowns, somehow it makes me feel mature and I also love the flowy feeling when wearing them.

Here are a few examples of gowns that caught my eyes :

Aren't those gowns look so beautiful? They are stunningly sexy and yet elegant. That's the message that I want to get across when I go to a wedding party.

I'm thinking to bring my little one with me sometimes. So, it means matching dress! Thinking of it makes me feel so excited. Baby girl is certainly mommy's little fashion project! >.<

So... how about you? Do you love wearing what kind of gown to a party? What kind of message do you want to get across with the way you dress up? A penny for your thought ~ ^^

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