December 25, 2014

Beach Wedding Inspiration

Pictures by Pictura Photography

BEACH. Who doesn't like beach? You can kick off your shoes, feeling the sand between your toes. Let's not forget how you can enjoy some fun in the sun and watch the beautiful seaside sunset to end the day off. Beach is one location that's perfect for a small, simple, and beautifully natural wedding.

Beach wedding is started to get popular in Indonesia. The number one destination - of course Bali. But be creative and find another location - if you want. Indonesia has a lot of beautiful untouched beach which has yet to be found. One suggestion from me is Maratua Island where we held our prewedding photoshoot.You can find the detail on my prewedding sneak peek. However, the journey to the island is pretty far and rough, but in the end, you will enjoy the journey. The place is really worth it! It's so... beautiful! :)

Here are a few tips to plan your dream beach wedding :

LOCATION. The first thing to do is choose and scout out the location. You should choose based on your wedding style and the number of your guest lists. If you've chosen a beach that requires a journey for most people, you should ask your guests one by one - who will be able to come. Ask the detail about permit fees, container laws, and so on.

BE FLEXIBLE. Mother nature works in mysterious ways which unpredictable. Always have a back-up plan in place for whatever she throws your way. It's important to have schedule (which is usually made by the event-organizer or maybe you made it yourself), but do have a second one just-in-case something happened. For example, if you need to delay the wedding ceremony because of the rain.

EVENT ORGANIZER. Choose a reliable wedding event organizer who specializes in beach wedding or already held a similar wedding before. They can help you choosing the best local vendors ( or maybe if you want to use vendors from your city) for you.

ABOUT YOUR GUESTS. Work with your event organizer regarding their accommodations and ask them to give a person in charge for this specific duty. It's important, especially if you hold a wedding in a new beach (read : the beach that they never go/know before). On the wedding day, place a guide to make sure guests know how to find where the wedding ceremony is being held.

INSPIRATION. Go to the beach and use your surroundings as your inspiration. Choose a certain item as your main focus. For example, shell. Here are some pictures that using shells as an inspiration for bouquets, shell place tags, and seashell candles:

DRESS. Choose your dress style. Whether you want casual, bare feet, summer dress kind of events - or - you want to add touches of elegance and refinement just like the dress that I choose for my prewedding. It's all back at what you want. DresseStylist has several beach wedding dresses to grab. Here is my favorite one :

Remember, just like I said before. This is your wedding. Whether it's beach wedding or vintage wedding, the wedding is all about you and your groom. Add your own personal touch. For example, based on your personality. If you are a glamorous girl to start with, plan a glamorous wedding that suit your style. If you are just a simple and laid back girl, why not make the wedding simple but intimate? The choice is yours to begin with. :)

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  1. The food was very good as banquet halls in Chicago goes--much better than typical hotel reception hall food. But I felt that beer selection at the bar was weak though.

  2. :O haven't get in touch with you lately? How're you? :D
    Btw, Merry Christmas for you and your family!


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