December 31, 2014

Lace Wedding Inspiration

Pictures by Pictura Photography

LACE. Lace is a timeless material that will never go out of style. It's classic and elegant, that's why lace is being incorporated in many aspects of weddings - everything from the wedding dresses to the wedding cake and the decorations. The amazing thing about lace is that touches of lace can be added to any wedding theme effectively.

Lace is usually number one choice for any vintage weddings. It can be said that the couple who choose lace as their wedding theme are nostalgic, sophisticated, and romantic. This is a wedding theme that usually represent the more traditional couple. Lace can evoke a theme that will be remembered as a real classic wedding. It's an excellent decoration element.

Here are a few things in which lace can be used as a decoration or element on your wedding day :

WEDDING INVITATION. Adding lace to your invitation can create an elegant look. It's not popular to use stripes of black lace for Chinese people, since it's the color of death - it means it can bring bad luck to the wedding, but actually it could create cool look. I didn't dare to use this color though, because the elders from my family will surely disagree. Anyway, if you choose Vintage or maybe Shabby Chic theme, ivory or creamy white lace will be the perfect choice for you. Truthfully, I myself prefer the white or ivory lace - more refined and elegant in my opinion.

SWEET CORNER. You can implement the lace design on your little snacks on sweet corner. Just like on the picture above, it create an elegant little snacks look to complete your wedding decoration. Little details just like this is also very important and sweet.

TABLE DECORATION. There are a lot of choice to implement the lace decoration on this part. The easiest thing is table cloth made of lace. Other options are table numbers, place cards, menu cards can bear the mark of the laced wedding theme. Ah... don't forget about napkins small holders or vases wrapped with the same fabric as the table cloth or seats decorated with a lace scarf. But please, don't use too much lace - you should limit to a small number of decorative elements, otherwise it will look too cheesy.

WEDDING BOUQUET. A touch of lace can bring a charming bridal bouquet. Just wrap it with a lace ribbon - it's simply magical! If you want to create a uniform look between the bridal couple, use the same element on the jewelry for groom's lapel.

WEDDING CAKE. Wedding cake can be designed full of lace or a mixture of lace and flowers. It's a timeless choice that will never go out of style. All white lace wedding cake is stunning for a simple wedding and for glamorous wedding, you can add sparkling rhinestone. A white lace design on top of a soft colored frosting will showcase the decorative patterns to your wedding cake.

WEDDING DRESS. Lace wedding dress is ultra-romantic and can be sexy at the same time. It can be designed with an open or low back, with lots of intricate detailing. Not only that, wedding veils, jackets, and shawls are also can be made with more lace detailing, making it easy to add that little bit of class to your wedding dress, no matter what kind of style that you choose. If you choose lace wedding dress, then accessories can be left to a minimum - perhaps just one fabulous piece, otherwise it will look too much. Just like the wedding cake, shiny rhinestones are a stunning look up next to the soft lace fabric. An example of simple lace wedding dresses from DresseStylist down here is my favorite.

Anyway, even though we all love beautiful lace, not all elements can look beautiful with all white color. So, you will want to add one other color to show your lace accessories to the very best. Pastel colors will fit perfectly and create soft bridal look. However, it doesn't mean you can't add a touch of stronger colors here and there. You can also integrate lace with a color that puts all your theme together - maybe greens of nature. There is unlimited way to play with lace. Just your your creativity and imagination! :D

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  1. love lace too !
    and i loove your wedding dress and necklace !!
    you look gorgeous !!!


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  3. I wish you all the best in 2015. xa

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