December 11, 2014

One Year Has Passed

Pictures by Pictura Photography

WEDDING. Wow... Time really does fly so fast. It's been a year since my wedding, but I can still remember the exact details. The bouquet, the colors, the gown, the shoes ~ really... just everything. All of them were so beautiful and magical. Even after one year, we still love each other as much. That's the most important thing though --> L.O.V.E. There's no wedding without love. Although he's not as romantic as before. Ha-ha! We have already passed that. The most important thing is he's a loving husband and father. Gosh! I love my hubby so much >.<

May we have a blissful wedding forever! <3

If you read all of my previous blog posts, you will know that lately I love talking about wedding gown and dresses. It's my favorite topic of all time. It's one of the things that makes the bride shining for that one special night. Even though I'm already married to a wonderful man, but why not helping other bride-to-be to get a wedding gown reference for the latest trend. Maybe this will help me find a business opportunity in real life, who knows. But for now, I'm a full time mother and my main focus is my little girl ~ Freya. Oh... and my dear hubby- of course (how could I forget lol)! Everything else can wait! ^^

The one thing that I love the most is my wedding gown. You can only choose once and it will last in your memory forever. So, you have to be careful and have to be certain while choosing it. You have to really really love it and know that (this is it!) this is my dream wedding gown. Just like what I thought about mine. I will try to find my wedding gown details later. I can't seem to find my wedding pictures CD. Ughhhh.... Maybe I left it on my parents-in-law's home when I moved to our new house. I pretty much left my things here and there. Okay, so now you learn another thing about me - I'm super messy which driving my hubby crazy. Ha-ha!

Anyway, I found a wedding website that super stylish and up-to-date with the latest style - DresseStylist. They especially have one page full of amazing dresses for next year wedding --> wedding dresses 2015 UK. As you know, you have to be prepared for next year trend, if you will get married next year. You don't want to be out-of-date. Dear you soon-to-be bride >.< , you have to check their website out. I know that you won't regret it. Here is a sneak peek :

For you bride-to-be... Have you found your special wedding gown? For you girls... Have you ever thought about your dream wedding gown? If you have, please share it with me! :) I want to hear all about the juicy details. >.<

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