December 2, 2015

Dress Hunting

Pictures by Pictura Photography

DRESS HUNTING. I just celebrated Freya's first birthday two months ago. It took me a long time to find the perfect dress for me. Ready to wear all-size dress is a big no-no to me, since my body size hasn't gone back to normal yet. If the bust fits me, the waist part would be too loose. If the waist part fits me, them the bust part would be too small. Well... this is the problem of a breastfeeding mom. Ha-ha! Anyway, offers a lot of elegant dresses that would suit me. Too bad I found this website a bit too late. That's why I would like to spread this awesome website to you.

The thing that I like the most from this website is that they can customize their dresses - in my case, it's the sizing. You only need to submit your size and voila! Just wait for the dress to be sent directly to your home. No hazzle at all. I'm one of those girls who is quite lazy to try and fit the dresses few times in a row; keep going back and forth to the tailor. Too troublesome! Besides, just by browsing, I can choose from so many designs that they have. No need to think too much about it. :)

However, there is a downfall from online shopping without fitting. Sometimes, if the measurement is incorrect then it's a hazzle to return the item back. That's why you have to choose the shop carefully. They have to be trusted and have a good selling record. This is the most important tips for buying customized dress online. Check out the review about the online shop where you are going to buy. Other than that, please make sure to check out their return policy. Ah... don't forget about the measurement! Please make sure that you measure your body carefully. Sometimes, it could be our fault for giving the wrong measurement. If you don't understand, you can consult to them first. Don't be shy to ask questions, those online shops usually have a great customer service.

Ah.. I also love to have dress with cheap bargaining price, has a section of dresses under £50. Here are some of the dresses from that category which I like :

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