June 22, 2016

Throwback : Kong Hu Cu Wedding

Pictures by Pictura Photography

THROWBACK. I kinda miss the old romanticism when we first get married, without the hectic new life with our daughter. This brings me back to find old photos from our Kong Hu Cu Wedding. Yes, it sounds weird. We usually heard about church wedding, however my religion is Kong Hu Cu. That's why my post title is Kong Hu Cu Wedding. This pictures were taken with our parents.

I chose red gown, because for Chinese people, basically red is the symbol of luck and everything good actually. At that time, I chose one piece long gown. However, I find that now... two piece prom dresses has become a new option. I will give you the example from Winniedress website. Their two piece prom dresses are absolutely gorgeous and the pictures that I will show you down here are my most favorite ones.

The first dress is super gorgeous, right? Stylish and elegant. For two piece prom dress, this one looks sexy but not too much. If i could turn back time, I would definitely go with this one. Besides, their prom dresses under 200. Super cheap, right?

If you want to have the simple one, the second two piece prom dress would be perfect for you. Maybe for a simple wedding? This one also prom dresses under 200. I always go with gorgeous dress with cheap price. Ha-ha! Honestly speaking, what woman doesn't like cheap clothing? :)

Anyway, unlike one-piece dress, after the wedding, you can wear these dresses in so many other occasions. You can mix-and-match the skirt with another top. Or the other way around, wear the top with another skirt or even pants! That's what I like about these two piece prom dresses. You can do many styles with them. How do you like these type of dresses? :) Just let me know what you think in the comment below! ^^

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