July 8, 2016

Black Summer

Pictures by Fernando Prasetyo

BLACK SUMMER. When summer comes, usually we dress up with bright colors and bold patterns. However, this time I choose little black dress therefore the name black summer. A bit weird, but I kinda like this blog title. :) Gold and black is always an elegant match. A hint of gold will add color to the boring black. The studded gold from the bag and the boots' buckle are a great combination. Simple choice for summer, right?

Chicnova Black Suede Wedges Boots | Something Borrowed Scallop Black Dress 

Wearing boots and wedges are the best choice for me at the moment. I can chase Freya when she runs around. Ha-ha! Heels are a bit too much and will give me pain afterwards. Daughter oh daughter ~ I'm waiting for you to grow up and calmer than now. >.<

Anyway, I love Simons - a stylish clothing website at the moment. They have  great campaign about little black dress.

Love the simplicity of this banner. Catchy and stylish! They have wonderful range of little black dress. Just visit them to find out more!

Ah ~ also, if you bored with the mom, here's is a little something of my daughter to perk you up! ^^ Cool and sassy daughter, right? Ha-ha! :)

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