October 1, 2016


OUTERS. Lately I’ve been digging for outers with some reasons. First of all, with one outer you can give yourself a whole new look. My previous post is about me wearing little black dress. With a soft-crème chiffon outer, I create another new look. Yes, killer outer is the answer.

My second reason is outer can cover one of my biggest flaw – my big arms. It makes me look slimmer and gives me a boost of confidence. I’m not saying that I won’t wear any sleeveless dresses or tops, but covering my flaw? Hey, I won’t say no to that. LOL.
I love flowy fabric - such as chiffon or silk - for my outer since it’s very light and didn’t hinder my movement when chasing Freya. StyleWe offers a whole new amazing range of outers from various designer brand that I kept my eyes on. Look these four beauties! :)

If you love them just like me, you can visit their website or you can find their update on their other platforms – such as Pinterest or StyleWe Blog. :)
Please do tell me about your favorite kind of outer, if you have one! ^^

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