March 14, 2017

Feeling Blue

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FEELING BLUE. Despite of the title, it doesn't mean I'm feeling blue as in depressed or sad. It's just that lately I love the color blue, and all I want to do is buying blue color in everything. My daughter's dress, accessories, my dress - everything! I found my old blog pictures in which I'm wearing blue.

Look at the color. Blue symbolizes the vastness of the oceans and the space above. The ocean are deep and mysterious and is a trove of untold treasures. Yes, even its meaning is so beautiful. It would be a great idea as a wedding theme. You can combine it with another color, such as silver. Ah.. this post kinda remind me of my wedding, I chose color as my theme. And it was fun to mix and match the color combination into wedding invitation, bridesmaid dresses, decoration - everything!

In contrast with white color for the bride, blue would be a wonderful choice for your bridesmaid dresses. It suits any kind of skin color. Pretty and elegant! Look of these pictures, you can see how it would look like on your skin color.

I chose several shades of blue to give you an alternative and wider range of options. No matter what your nationality - you would look great in it! It's just up to you to choose the most suitable shades of blue to your skin tone.

Millybridal UK offers a lot more blue bridesmaid dresses UK. Check it out and you will find so many wonderful dresses for your bridesmaid. However, other than for bridesmaid dresses, in my opinion - their design can be worn even when you are a guest. I love gown because sometimes I'm singing on stage. In Indonesia, we usually wear formal attire and dresses - just like the one I wore above to a party- especially when you go on stage.

How about you? What kind of wedding color theme that you like? :)

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