January 8, 2018

About Pregnancy

Pictures by Fernando Prasetyo

PREGNANCY. This topic has been in my mind for awhile. I am actually ready for my second child, however my hubby only wants one child, so it's still under negotiation. Ha-ha! My daughter is already three years old, that's why I think it's the perfect time. This post is all about sharing those times.

When I was pregnant, I love searching for useful information regarding my pregnancy. Usually, I loved searching from the internet, such as what kind of food that I should avoid. Not that I need it, because I was having bad morning sickness up until 7 months and couldn't eat anything. In this case, I had to search information for vitamins that I need to eat, of course I also discussed it with my doctor. I didn't want my baby to have more than it needed. We know that more isn't always good.

The funny thing is after my baby was born, I suddenly felt so hungry! Even hospital's food tasted so delicious in my opinion and I finished every meal in a heartbeat. My hubby looked at me with wonder, how I could change so suddenly like that. To him, I looked so funny.

My baby was actually in NICU for a day, because of pneumothorax. Luckily, it was only for a day. After that, the nurse was pushing me to give her breastmilk. Nothing came out until a few days later. During those time, she was given formula milk. She didn't want to drink directly from my breasts, that's why I pumped my breasts.

It was hard and long journey, but I made it and fully given her breastmilk for 18 months. During those times, I was looking for information how to make breastmilk fattier and increasing my supply. I love breastfeeding, because I can feel the difference between before and after I changed my breastmilk to formula milk. When she was fully breastfeeding, she was rarely sick. Her body defense was amazing.

I didn't say drink formula milk is bad, because like I said it wasn't easy. Not all mother can breastfeed their child. There are so many reasons behind it. Maybe she is sick or there's no breastmilk that comes out at all. But if you can, it would be best to give breastmilk for your kids.

In this post, I just give you a summary of my pregnancy and breast milk battle. Ha-ha! If you are interested, you can leave a message (or email me directly) and tell me for in-depth post about certain topic in this post. I will gladly write about it.
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