February 3, 2018

Sexy Lady

SEXY LADY. After getting married, some people has misconception about it. Some women think that 'Ah, it's okay for me not to dress up. I'm already married and it means I'm in the safe zone.' Don't make a mistake, ladies. Even when you're already married, you have to pay attention to yourself! You have to get ahold on your man and make him think that you are still as sexy as ever! Lately, there are a lot of news about my friends who are cheating. It's shocking and make no mistake - I'm not going to blame the wives. It's just that we -as wife- also have to prevent that from happening.

You should looking for latest sexy dresses for women and become a femme fatale >.< Remember that sexy isn't always showing too much skin. Some husband would hate it if we are maybe showing too much leg or some thinking that showing a bit of your breast is a no-no. Just be creative and think about your husband's feeling too. We also don't want to fight because of that, right? :) Here are some pictures of lovely dresses from Yoins :

Other than sexy dresses, don't forget about the inner *wink wink*. Let's face it unmatching lingerie isn't really sexy, right? Matching, lace, thongs will make your husband want you more. Get into his mind that you are sexy enough to make him look at only you. Yes, you! :)
Yoins also has stylish sexy lingerie online sale. Browse there as an inspiration for women dresses and maybe, if you love something just click and buy it. It's super cheap! ^^

Remember... be sexy! :D

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