July 5, 2018

Fun Fact : Tom Cruise Height

FUN FACT. It has been questioned very often about Tom Cruise height. We know that he's not considered tall among other men celebrity, it has been speculated that he wears height increasing (in other words - Elevator) high end mens shoes. You can see from the picture above the significance difference of his height.  That's why it was believed he wore elevator shoes.

Elevator shoes can increase your height invisibly and for men this is a great fashion trick. Unlike women, men can't wear high heels to increase their height on daily basis. If we are comparing the average height for a man, Asian Men can be said as the lowest in average. It's a fact, so rather than drinking supplements to get taller and with unknown effect, it's better to follow Tom Cruise. It's simple - just by wearing a pair of elevator shoes!

For example, for your own wedding. We never know our soulmate, what if she is taller than you? It's not an embarrassing fact. However, you can look good by wearing these elevator shoes at your own wedding. Remember, this is just a personal choice. Just like Tom Cruise who choose to embrace this trend.

Or maybe when you are hanging out, and most of your friends is taller than you. Me? I'd definitely wearing heels or wedges. How about men? You can wear elevator sneakers. Chamaripa Shoes definitely has the best elevator shoes with wide-range of choice. Sneakers or Dress Shoes - you name it. They have it all!

So, what do you think of these elevator shoes? For me, as a woman, this is a great choice! :)

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