November 20, 2018

IPad Case

IPAD CASE. As parents, I'm pretty sure our life won't go far away from a little thing called IPad. My daughter is a super active girl. She always runs around when we go out and sometimes it drives me crazy. When I need her to sit nicely, my only savior is an IPad. However, I also limit her time for watching IPad. Whenever she watches Youtube from IPad, it's hard to gain her attention. It's also not good for child development - if kids spend too much time with gadget.

At first when using IPad, I didn't give it any IPad case. When we use it ourselves, we can use it carefully. But what happened when my daughter used it? Yes, you guessed it right! She keeps accidentally dropping it and of course the IPad was broken. After that, I always protect my IPad with IPad Pro 11 inch case.

Another great feature that I look for from an IPad case is adjustable stand with multi-viewing angle - just like the IPad case from FYY. You can see from the picture above, three angles adjust always make it easier for my daughter to watch the IPad more comfortably when we go out and eat in a restaurant. 

When she put the IPad on the table, she usually use glass or something like that to hold it up. Of course this was way before I finally decided to use an IPad case. When the glass was accidentally moved, then 'bang'... the IPad fell down. And that... made my heart broken. Ha-ha!

So... mom... IPad case is really really important! >.<  This is a real advice from me. I remembered back when my IPad was broken and I needed to pay a lot to mend it. Just invest a bit for a good and durable IPad case than to pay for the service fee.

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